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    Should we ignore or answer the critical persons?

    There are some people who will always criticise or contradict us in person or behind our back. Sometimes we answer them strongly but they come with new silly allegations and attacks. If we ignore them they continue doing that behind our back.

    Have you come across such people? Do you feel that they are nuisance for the society? What is your opinion to tackle such personalities?
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    What I would say is - We should enjoy the company of the critical persons in life. Never ignore them. Answer them and convince them if they are really critical. Face them with might and become critical to them. They help you to learn new things in life. But be polite and cool headed while dealing with such critical persons. Life is to enjoy the positives and negatives.
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    People who criticize will help us in knowing ourselves. But they should be genuine. Once the criticisms are found be real, we should tune ourselves correctly so that we have a better presentation. It will help us in improving ourselves in many accepts of our life.
    But there are some people who will criticise for the sake criticising you. There will not be any truth in that and it will be false. In such case there are two ways to stop that. One is making hue and cry. Then everybody will understand that there is some thing in our argument.They will support us and critics will be silent.
    Sometimes I feel it is better to keep silent for those remarks as their nature is like that. Nobody will support those people and try to be away from them thinking that if you drop a stone on cowdung it will splash on your face only.

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    Very good forum by the author. I usually face such situations in my family. But I don't go to convince them because they don't get convinced at all. They know they are wrong but still want to hurt others. That's their part time job according to me. So why crackle our head to them. We know we are right and not hurting others, so continue with our own personalities. I don't ignore them if they tell in in-front me . I just answer them coolly what was my thought regarding the topic and walk away from there. If they comment back of me its left to them I don't bother, as I mentioned above its their part time job. But always believe that what you do must be right and should not hurt anybody. Because I believe if your faithful in all activities then God saves you all time.

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    What I strongly feel that we can learn from those who criticize us and not from those who appreciate us for no reason and just to keep us in good mood and humor. A good critic is one who will point out the flaws and mistakes if any glaringly to the person who committed the same. Not every one are expert in giving critical notes. Some are having half knowledge and still they pretend to be fully knowing and make poser to the person for best response. Nevertheless never go down with the criticism. If you are criticized means , you are near to the perfection expected by them and thus little tinkering from our side would make the situation perfect in future. Take the criticism in right spirit and apply the changes as sought by the critics. Some are well versed and guide us to prosperity and fame too.
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    Author has chosen a very good topic for discussion.

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    A very good topic from the author. Criticism is very important for us if they are real and the person who are criticizing us are appropriate for us. But if the person criticize us from jealousy so we do not need them. For that type of critics you must answer them appropriately, not necessarily with your words but with your work. Let them down with your ability and proving them wrong.

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    It is really problematic one while dealing with such people. But once we realized that the other person is normally criticising nature, we should have extra care in our side if unavoidable otherwise it is better to avoid. We should leave them as it is by letting them to face.

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    There are different kinds of people we have in our society and it completely depends on us how they are going to influence our life. One must be balanced while facing a criticizer as well as an appreciator. We may take into notice what a criticizer has said about us and same is the case with appreciator, but we should not feel too much low or happy in respective cases.
    Please note that there is a difference between opinion and criticism, opinions are always friendly and welcome but critics are not. So, when we consider a criticism, we should know that the person is knowledgeable in the same field to criticize that. Blindly following any criticism does not work. Opinion can be given by anyone but criticism is expected only from experts otherwise it must be ignored.


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    Take it this way.

    If you think what you are doing is right and would not like to take any feedback from others, how would you know for sure that what you are doing is any good for? Just imagine if in our society everyone start praising you and start sycophancy behaviour, will it good for our society or say for any organisation? A good criticism work like a mirror, it show you where you are lacking. Some people take it positively and some take it in their ego. In both the cases, one must think from their within whether the criticism is correct or not because only your inner voice can get you the best judgement of yourself. If it is correct, one should learn from it, if it is just falls allegation, one should move on.

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