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    Are we really protecting our culture ?

    Several Government policies and several groups are prohibiting certain activities in the name of culture. Else they see religion based structures as the symbol of their culture. Well these are to be protected. No doubt about it. But Is our culture merely these things. What about the values of Vedas, Buddha, Mahavira, Christanity, Islam, Akbar, etc.. which have contributed to the spiritual supremacy of India ?. The buildings are mere symbols. Our science is because of these ideas which we must cherish. When scientific philosophers like Aryabhata, Brahma gupta, Baskara etc. discovered things centuries before Europeans we must go back and refer what is their method of learning science. Our scientific learning is Philosophical unlike European which is purely rational. Must not we include these view points in our syllabus for education?
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    "NO" is my answer. many of us are not trying even to protect our culture by knowing the importance of the culture. As mentioned by the author the understanding of our science is different from other countries. It is mostly philosophical. Accordingly if the syllabus of the course modified that will give good result.
    We say our land is Vedabhoomi. Vedas originated from our country and we don't know what is there in vedas also. Some Veda pandits are there who will by heart the content and chant it many times. But foreign countries are understanding the veda perfectly and trying to use them for their betterment. Where as our scientists even don't understand Sanskrit even. So it is better if sanskrit is also made a part of our study.

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    Good forum by the author culture always depends on how we take it and how we follow. We can't reinforce anybody in the name of culture.

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    We are protecting what we think our culture is. It's the interpretations we care about now.
    The real meaning of our culture has lost long ago.
    Tolerance is merely a word now. We don't really appreciate the values of other people.
    Fanatism is prevailing and pillaging the society.

    The stronger a light shines the darker are the shadows around it.

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    I have a different view about the culture. I don't know how members react.
    Every aspect of human development is driven by evolution. Hence, we are unable to protect our culture
    We all know that ours is a diverse country. Different regions have their own distinct culture, language, religion, food habits, clothing, customs and celebrations etc.
    Why is it so?

    If you travel from North to South (North – South Axis) in our country, you feel predominant diversity.
    If you travel from East to West (East – West Axis), the diversification is not that much. That means Culture of the people is more diffused along the East- West Axis than North-South Axis. The reason for this phenomenon is that environmental/climatic conditions are similar along the horizontal axis. Adapting different cultures (diffusion) is easy along the East-West axis than North-South Axis.
    So, the cultural diversity depends on Geography of the country.
    The distance of the North-South axis is more than the distance of E-W axis. Hence, our country is more culturally diversified. Just imagine what would have been the status of our country if distance of E-W axis is more than the distance of N-S axis. In that case, our country would have been more powerful.
    Why Europeans colonized world? Why not Americans? Why not Africans?
    Now you have the answer.

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    Though we are Hindu Nation by its name and rich culture and tradition, due to influence of certain non state actors who as against our religion and culture, they sow the seeds of hatred and non following through their speeches and acts. This way they try to interfere in our religious affairs. For example during this month there is a practice in South India to offer milk to the serpents at their pits. This ritual has been followed since many years and the elders are the proof for that. But some groups and Individuals are bent upon convincing the ladies and house holds that the snakes in the pit wont drink the milk at all and they are habituated to steal and eat the eggs of various animals including frogs and thus many modern households who are educated are not following the rituals of offering milk to serpents.
    K Mohan
    'Idhuvum Kadandhu Pogum "
    Even this challenging situation would ease

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    A good and important subject raised by the author. Unfortunately we are slowly moving toward westernization in our life and in that pursuit forgetting our culture and its important benefits to us. It is not that it is happening in only our society. Many are facing this transition.

    When scientific knowledge and technological advancement becomes the only thing for the mankind it starts getting detached from its culture and same thing is happening world wide today. We are simply telling big words about our culture but not doing any practical thing to preserve it.

    Knowledge is power.

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    There is an argument among our friends one day. Many foreigners are following and admiring our culture then what is wrong if we follow theirs. Though this good for argument, I told them they like our culture only because of its superiority and admire. In this situation why should we give up our own culture and what is the necessity to change ours? By hearing this they kept calm.
    I read in one book, once Swamy vivekananda during his visit to Chicago, was told by some Americans that he was so nice to see if he wore nice dress other than the saffron cloths. Swamy replied, 'Brother, your culture is designed by your tailor but ours is by character.' By reading this, we, Indians should get pride as our culture is based on character.
    If one really have seen the sculptures and constructions of our Kings ruled our country irrespective of direction -North,East,West and South, we really pride over our culture.
    This is the duty of every citizen of our country to protect our culture.

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