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    How to know exactly whether the job posts has been submitted earlier or not ?

    Now for the second time I have been temporarily out from posting job posts because of 5 rejection in 5 days due to duplicate job posts which has been submitted by other members earlier.
    My question is that, it's not like that I never checked my job posts in ISC Search bar, but the thing is that whenever I check it show's nothing similar to that at any angle. I am not requesting the ME or Administration to remove the rejection because I know that it is not my fault but at the same time I know that they will not understand because whatsoever it's a mistake done unknowingly.
    So I request please tell me how to known accurately whether the job posts has been submitted earlier or not.
    you can see the following job posts just go to search bar search it, see whether you finds the similar job posts or not. I don't know the editor checks it and finds accurately the similar job posts.

    The first link has been given by the editor as the reason why the job posts has been rejected, but you all just try to find on your own and see.
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    There are many ways to check whether the post is already made earlier, you need to spend few minutes for checking but it is worth rather than making the job post in hurry and getting it deleted, it not only took away your precious time but also you will face posting restrictions.

    Type the organisation name in the search box it will definitely show many posts check them date-wise, in case you did not find the present post which you want to post then type or copy the post link from the source in the search box this process may also show you many posts you need to check all such shown posts if you did not get the present post then make the job post.

    If 5 of your job posts made deleted in the last 5 days you will face posting restrictions, this is the new guideline from Admin.

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    will the restriction will be removed automatically or I have to request the admin.
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    Actually I use to search before submitting the job posts, but I use to search it by my heading or the title of the job posts, Now I understood that I have to search it by jobs notification URL, Thanks for the vital information if I had got this earlier than this would never been happened, I always think that after searching also why my job posts gets rejected thank you so much sir, it will help lots of members. waiting for the removal of rejection and this time I make sure, that I follow this.
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    K Mohan
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    Babu Saroj,
    I check in multiple ways since I do not necessarily submit jobs based solely on print advertisements and a source URL may not help to locate it. I would like to share my methods here -
    1. I first and foremost look under the tab of 'New Posts' and then under 'New Submissions' in the jobs section.

    2. Then I use the main search box. There I will type first the company's name in full, then its abbreviation. For example, let's say I want to post a job of the Department of Science and Technology. So first I will put the entire name. Then I will check with its abbreviation, "DST".

    3. I also put a city name if specific to it, even with two different names (such as both Bangalore and Bengaluru or Cochin and Kochi) because sometimes the search will indicate the job like that too.

    4. If it is a government job, then I will type, say, 'Govt. of Orissa Junior Research Scientific Officer' in case I have posted the specific organization's name and that has not indicated that the job was posted.

    5. After trying out these various aspects, I will also go to the specific category in the jobs section and quickly scroll down the list of recent jobs of that day and the previous day.

    6. Those who are submitting jobs on a regular basis generally know what type of jobs another member is submitting. So that also helps. I can check via the member's scoreboard if the job has been submitted or not.

    I know all this takes up my time, but I feel it is worth it. Simply writing out a summary and filling up all the individual boxes takes up time, leave aside typing out the descriptive text! So rather than my efforts going waste on all that, better for me to make a thorough check.

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    ma'am does the restriction will be removed automatically or the admin will see to it. And if the restriction will be removed automatically then how many days it will take.
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    ma'am did restriction will be removed automatically after 5 days or I have to request the admin for it.
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    Babu Saroj,

    You will have to wait for the restriction to be removed as per the automated system, which will look on it as 5 deleted posts in last 5 days. You are thus blocked by the system from posting till it sees no deletions within a duration of previous five days from the day you try to submit a post.

    Keep day life will get tired of upsetting you.

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