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    Everybody wants to lead and be a leader but they lack the courage.

    It is the natural aim of every one to lead and be recognized as a leader of any form. It may be leader in the family, It may be leader in the society, It may be leader in the district, state or even the country. But many who talks about leadership does not have the guts and courage to take up issues to the right authority to prove their leadership. I have seen some leaders talk tall and when the police arrive to arrest they they bow down and even request to leave or pardon. You can only be called a leader if many follows you and you have the guts to question someone who erred.
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    Leaders are not born. They are made. Every one will have the qualities of a leader. But all depends how we nurture them. To be a leader the group should accept you as their leader and you should be able to show your positive qualities to recognise you as leader. A leader should be able to stand and solve the problems of the group at times of need. Rahul Gandhi is selected as the leader of Congress and we all are seeing the performance of that party. Modi is elected as leader. We have seen how is leading. As mentioned by the author by simply telling that I am your leader overnight no body can become a leader. Lot of hard work, positive approach, good relations, hands on experience and ability to solve the grievances are the requirements of a leader. Leader should share his thoughts, communicate properly, show courage when required and be a front runner.
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