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    Why dreams that come on day can't be real!

    When we say someone I got a dream in the morning, then our elders or parents will say that day dream can't be true. What is the reason that day dreams can't be true. Is there any logic that day dreams will be 100 percent false? Why somebody will tell you are day dreaming it will not happen..... .Is there any reason behind it?. Knowledgeable persons please acknowledge .....
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    Some dreams comes true also like one day I Sai baba in my dream with my two other friends after some days I go to Sirdi and did Real darshan so my dream comes true.
    Santosh Kumar Singh
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    In Hindu tradition and mythology the 3 am to 5 am timing is considered more auspicious and called even Brahma Muhurtham. Mahants, Yogis, Rishis would wake up at the wee hours and take bath and start prayers in the tranquil time so that there would be pin drop silence and the Gods would be pleased to hear our pleas and grant boons. That is why those who have a good dream in the wee hours are considered lucky and their good dreams would definitely be achieved and that would be real. Many wont believe and this is the exact reason for getting the dream come true if it was flashed in the wee hours.
    K Mohan
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    Dreams are like some illusions. Some times very very unlikely events will also appear in the dreams. So my personal opinion about dreams is that they are nothing to do with our real life happening.Some times some of the things we have seen in dreams may be happening in our real life also. These are just coincidences. No theory is there about these dreams. But many believe that day dreams can't be real. Many say that the dreams you are getting during wee hours will become real very often and very quick. But this concept also can't be explained with any logic.
    Generally during our sleep also our subconscious mind will be working on certain aspects of our thoughts and those thoughts may be reflecting as dreams to us. But thinking that these dreams will become real and go on waiting for the dreams to realise is not correct. You should set your goals and dream about these goals when you are awake and give an effort to realise that. You will be successful in your life.

    always confident

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    Psychologists interpret dreams in terms of manifestation of subconcious mind.

    Scientists and logical thinkers believe that there is no meaning of dreams and they are only some reflections and images from the surroundings and society around us.

    In various religions dreams are given lot of importance and are interpreted differently by the religious authorities in the past time and that is being followed by the people till today. In our mythology as Mr Mohan has also elaborated even time of dream is important for its interpretation.

    In this jumble of perceptions it is difficult to interpret the dreams. However belief is the thing which over rides everything else and takes prominence in our life and many people just go by that.

    Knowledge is power.

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