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    Should we believe in superstitions?

    Here is the sad story of a poor little girl who lived in a remote village of West Bengal. One night she was sleeping on the floor when a Common Krait-a type of venomous snake, the bite of which is generally neither painful nor leaves any mark-bit her.The girl did not feel anything and slept on.

    Next morning she felt a slight pain in the stomach. Gradually, her condition deteriorated and she was even unable to open her eyes.

    The parents were worried and took her to an exorcist (Ojha in Hindi) who chanted some mantras and assured that she would become cured shortly.

    However, her condition deteriorated further and her parents took her to the Government. Hospital. But the girl could not be saved as it was already delayed much.The doctors told that her life could have been saved had they brought the patient earlier.
    This is just an example how the ignorant people rely on the exorcists even today.

    Shouldn't the people be taught to come out of their superstitions and stop relying on the magic/mantras of the exorcists?
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    This is one more story of ignorance among the people who choose the tantric than the doctor. First of all the people are not aware that the girl was bitten by venomous krait snake and they delayed the doctor attention for many hours and thus she could not be saved. Villagers are generally misled by the locals who has the super belief of superstitions and thus wont allow the family to approach the doctors. The Health department of government of India must take this incidence very seriously and have meetings organized in every village so that such approach to tantric first must be avoided.
    K Mohan
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    Even this challenging situation would ease

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    Education can help a certain degree but at the end of the day it's the mindset of people that needs a change. We stopped questioning a long time ago. We simply accept our fates nowadays.
    We need to question our beliefs.

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    In this incidence the parents were not aware of the snake bite and when they realized it was too late. They were living in a remote village area for them it was too difficult to reach to the doctor first so they took her to the exorcist and secondly these people are not educated enough, education plays a vital role in our life. If the parents would have been literate then they would have taken to the hospital instead of taking her to the exorcist. But as Aditya Mohan has said education can help us up to a certain level and at the end of the day our mindset needs to be change. Even the educated parents are taking their children and any other family member to the exorcist instead of taking them to the hospital and giving them the best of the medical facilities they are indulging in this kind of superstitions. We are thinking of digital India and people are still doing such acts its very harsh reality.

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    In remote village and especially among poor families these superstitions still persist. Superstitions die hard. Innocent people are getting effected. Whether they know or don't know about the snake bite, they might have taken her to a hospital immediately by which the girl might not have lost her life. Unfortunately that had not happened. Still these days also people are believing the trantic persons which act made to lose the life.
    As mentioned by Aditya Mohan the mindset of the people should change. Education will help to some extent but not guide them properly. We all think that India is progressing well but when we hear this kind of incident we doubt very much about it. Anyhow finally it comes to Destiny.

    always confident

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    Superstition may be correct or wrong but lots of people suffer from it in the world. Even in developed countries this is widely affecting the mentality of people.
    Somhow this is inbuilt in the human race since evolution and embedded genetically in us.
    With the advent of education and logical thinking some people got rid of this chronic thing but still lots of people believe in all sort of prescriptions borne out of superstitions.

    Thoughts exchanged is knowledge gained.

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    Superstition exists not only in villages, but also in major cities. Just now while returning from office, I saw two educated, well-dressed ladies creating drama on the road because they saw a black cat crossing the road.

    So far as the particular incident is concerned, the girl belonged to a particular community among whom exorcism is still prevalent. Moreover, the people of this community hesitate to take their women to physician. This is really an unfortunate incident.

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    Superstitions are not alien but they are just other's experience. This will differ person to person and place to place. We cannot say all of them are wrong or all of them are right. It is right in some times and wrong in some times. As told in the incident, there might not be right person available for treating the snake bite so, they offered the local person for curing the same. Still we can see some country hakims curing many diseases rather than highly qualified doctor. We should not under estimate any thing by merely seeing or hearing. We should apply our mind before following anything for ourselves by hearing all such information from others. We admitted a close relative of mine in the biggest hospital in Chennai but his son from America shouted as there are many great hospitals in the city as he noted from the 'net'. But after personal discussion with the chief doctor of the hospital on his arrival from US, he satisfied. Here on his view the noted hospital is poor according to him.
    Similarly, following the advice from others are not superstitions. We, Indians living in a cultured Country and we have our own heredity. The things may be obsolete or useless for the present situation. For that we should not term all as superstitions and set aside. For example, for continuous hikup, our elders used to suggest to rinse a spoonful of sugar in mouth but present people immediately rushing to the nearest doctor. We cannot term this suggestion as superstition but we have to apply our mind. There must be some reason for such sayings in the background if we calmly think over we can understand the reason behind it. Though there are many ortho doctors in major cities, many are thronging to the country doctors for their fractures etc., we cannot say here such things are superstitions but the doctors are not believable to that extent, according to them. I am not accusing or criticising any doctors here and telling this all doctors are not perfect but commercial. Saying them as superstitions by merely believing the doctors' clarifications through their medical language(certainly we are not going to understand their words but as they are told in the believing way) is not correct.
    Avoid going out when a cat crossing etc., also some kind of superstitions. But according to me what is the fault in our side if we follow the same by sitting while - instead of cursing ourselves later after the work got failed.

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