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    Let me know my mistakes in this article

    I am new in this site and I have submitted my first article . Respected members let me know my mistakes in this article so that I can improve my mistakes.
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    Good that you have submitted your first article and congratulations for tha same. Editors will read and offer their comments. We will also read and try to give a feed back. But I am not sure whether we can read and post our comments in this thread. Let us wait and see.
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    Just visited your article and found that you could have written in further more detail. While creating sub headings, please start with capital letters and do not use upper case in the middle of the content. Your first attempt is good and presentable.
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    1. The grammar in the article needs drastic corrections throughout, as also in the summary.
    2. Do not put words in capital letters as this is akin to verbal shouting in Internet language. Use correct capitalization where required, such as at the beginning of a sentence and headings (first letter should be in a capital letter in such cases)
    3. The guidelines to play are all cluttered up. Why not put them in some systematic order, with steps? You can use HTML tags to number the steps.
    4. Since you seemed to have played the game, you can take screen shots of some aspects and put them in-between the text, at relevant places. An image in such types of articles enhances the overall presentation.

    I would like to gently suggest that you could try to improve English grammar skills via regular forum participation. Quite a few of our members have done so and then moved on to submitting articles. Don't give up on writing though - work on it.

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    Is there any need of a full-fledged article on a mobile game? Isn't it childish? Just asking.
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    It may seem childish, but actually such articles on mobile games do fetch traffic, especially if it gives what is popularly known as 'cheats and tricks' (meaning you tell people how to go to the next level or how to bag some goodies that would quickly give you additional points).

    Note: It is likely that such articles will fetch far better traffic at a tech-oriented site than here at ISC (such as at, but we do not discourage posting them here.

    When people come at you with their worst, you should come at them with your best (advice given to Selena Gomez by her mother, quoted in Time magazine.)

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    Dear friend,
    Congratulations! As it is your first effort you are bound to make mistakes and these mistakes would lead you to the world of perfection one day. Going through the article I would like to suggest you to improve your grammar skills as your article has been stamped with a lot of common grammatical errors. Once your grammar is improved you will be able to fly high in the sky. Go for it.


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    Thanks a lot everybody. I have corrected all spelling mistakes in the article.
    @ Vandana Madam,
    Thanks to guide me. I have change my article as per your advise and have submitted step by step procedure and also have added some pics.
    Thanks a lot.

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