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    India GDP 2017 has now overtaken France GDP 2017 As per wikipedia

    Recently Wikipedia has updated it's page for GDP figures. India was on 7 th position of nominal gdp but in recent weeks data has been updated and here is the data as per wikipedia.
    India GDP: US$2.628 trillion (nominal; 2017)
    France GDP: $2.420 trillion (nominal; 2017)

    Both the wikipedia pages Economy of India and Economy of France has claimed that they are the Sixth Largest economy of the world. In economy of India there is not citation, where as France It is mentioned that better source needed. Possibly in coming month, we will see this thing in news as data will reflect on wiki with citation as well. What is your thought on that?

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    I don't know how much reliable the news on Wikipedia. The matter so far has not come in any news papers or Electronic media. However it is very nice to note that India has over taken France In GDP. As you said it may come in the news in the coming days. The life style of common man has to improve. Then only we can feel happy. However it is very nice to know that our country is bubbling with development activities with new initiatives taken by Government like make in India , withdrawing 500 and 1000 rupees notes etc is giving good results.
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    If the news shared by the author is true, surely the media would have gone bla bla over the same. Even the out going President Pranab Mukherjee would have also patted the Modi government for excellent GDP growth even overtaking the France. We must wait for the official confirmation of the same. Nevertheless after the demonetization the economy has opened up and probably that gave the boost to good GDP growth than expected. Hope Finance Minister Arun Jaitley gives answer to this.
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    Just now came across the news that at NSE Nifty reaches historic 10k mark and IMF keeps India's growth faster than China. Thus the author what he shared is true and India is flying high.
    K Mohan
    'Idhuvum Kadandhu Pogum "
    Even this challenging situation would ease

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    Today morning NIFTY reached 10,000 mark but could not sustain it there due to profit-booking. But the share-market is surely moving upwards indicating strong economic growth of the country compared to even other developed nations including China.
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    I visited citation on wikipedia economy of France page. Which is referring the data by IMF. In which, India is bigger economy as compared to France. Here is the data and screenshot (attached).
    Economy of India is $2.454 Trillion
    France is $2.420 Trillion

    I also wanted to share one more thing that data on Google for GDP 2016 is started reflecting as charts. If we search on google i.e. gdp india, gdp france and gdp uk. we see France and UK economy shrinking. UK came out of due to brexit .

    In Dec 2016, Forbes published a report that India economy has surpasses of Great Britain in 150 years. Which gave shockwaves around the world. Because India is expected to cross UK by only 2020. Due to Brexit UK currency pound value reduced by 20% and hence economy is also reduced. The Hindu also published article stating "Reality check: Indian economy is not larger than that of the UK". But Until the final data will come, all are estimates only.


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    If this indicates India' real development and progress, I welcome it. Let all Indians be happy,peaceful and prosperous. I hope our country gets its glory in the world.

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