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    Sad News: Microsoft has planned to kill MS-Paint in Windows 10 update

    Microsoft Paint was the first graphics editing application which was launched in the year 1985. MS Paint has been installed in all the versions of windows, starting from the initial version (Windows 1.0) to the latest version (Windows 10). Microsoft has planned for Windows 10 update called the Autumn(Fall) Creators Update. During every update, lot of new features will be added, deleted or modified. But this time, the company has decided to remove MS-Paint from Windows 10 along with other features and applications such as Outlook Express, Screen Saver support, etc. In the upcoming update, new features like cloud powered clipboard, timeline and fluent design system will be added.

    Many alternatives are available for MS-Paint but many people still rely on MS-Paint. The application has satisfied the graphical needs of the people in various ways. So, the Microsoft Windows users are very much surprised and shocked with the company's announcement on the removal of MS-Paint in Windows 10 fall creators update.

    Paint has many notable features and it has given colorful memories to all the Microsoft Windows users for the past 32 years (1985-2017). It was the first application which was used to draw and paint images using a mouse on a computer.

    What is your opinion about Microsoft's decision on removal of MS-Paint from Windows 10? Also share your colorful MS- paint memories in this thread.
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    Yes. It is definitely a shocker and surprise announcement from Microsoft. MS Paint was one of the oldest and evergreen application from Microsoft. It is the tool which is given to most kids to start them working with computers and utilizing their creative skills. I still remember the days of my childhood where I had used this application lot of times to play around. I hope many 90's kids would have done that. Even today, people rely on MS Paint for doing some basic activities. I hope it is in planning stage only. Microsoft should conduct a genuine online poll to know about the customers interest in removing this application. If they had already decided to remove it, then it will be greatly missed by most of the Windows Operating system users.

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    Very sorry to learn from this post that Microsoft would remove MS paint from its software and that would be great shocker for the beginners like me who were habituated to this paint which was user friendly and mostly liked and applied by many on daily basis. It is like stealing away the child from the laps of the mother who was getting along with the child with love and affection. I personally feel that there is no necessity for the Microsoft to remove this program as it is not only popular and the people are accustomed to it. They can always introduce a better program, but they should retain it for the sake of users like me,
    K Mohan
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    Even this challenging situation would ease

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    It is really a sad news for all users who are using Microsoft windows. Since the beginning of Microsoft Operating system MS Paint play important roles for learner. I personally start learning computer with MS Paint and presently I am using this application to make thumbnail , cover page etc.
    Phagu Mahato
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    With the surprise announcement of Microsoft's decision on removal of MS Paint, the Windows users have poured their love for the greatest windows application across the internet. On seeing the love of people, today Microsoft has announced that it will save MS-Paint by giving a home at the Windows store. MS-Paint will be removed from the future releases of windows version and will not be available in default with the windows machines, but it can be downloaded for free from the windows store. This announcement of Microsoft is highly appreciable.

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