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    Introduction and Question


    I am newly registered with you or your site.
    my question is how can i earn from your site and for that what will i have to do ?

    please guide me or help me

    thanks & regards,

    dev kumar
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    Welcome to this site, Mr. Dev Kumar.

    I would suggest you to understand the functioning of the site. Know about various sections and sub-sections of the site. Try to understand in which section/sub-section your are most comfortable. Read the help topics. Start contributing, and after the end of the month, check the revenue you have earned.

    First learn, then contribute and after that, earn from this site.

    Beware! I question everything and everybody.

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    Welcome Dev Kumar.

    For your question, please visist the links given below:
    1. How to make money from this site?

    2. Ongoing Awards & Rewards in

    You can know more about this site and the general guidelines by exploring 'Help Topics' from the drop down menu under'More' on top of this page.

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    Dev Kumar warm welcome to this site as a new member and great that you asked the question of earning potential through this site. Firstly I would made it clear that do not expect a windfall earning from here. All your earnings would depend on your zeal to share and contribute articles, participating in forum, raising questions and answering in ask experts and sharing jobs offer in that section. Based on your quality writing content abilities cash credits are given to the posts and that would accumulate to your profile account and paid every month. Just visit the performers of this great site and see their earnings month wise. One thing is sure, if you can churn out two good articles every week, you would earn 40 to 80 rupees and that means 480 rupees from article section and if you happen to be among top 20 members as contributors of various section, then site bonus will also be shared with you. So earning 1000 as pocket money is always possible.
    K Mohan
    'Idhuvum Kadandhu Pogum "
    Even this challenging situation would ease

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    Welcome to you to this site. This is educational interactive site where you can learn from other members and other members will learn from you. This is the main concept of this site. To motivate and encourage the participation by number of members the administration of the site is sharing the revenue with the participants. It is something like earn while you learn.
    Initially a new member should concentrate on understanding the various sections of the the site, the links provided by Mr.Venkiteswaran are to be opened and read. You will get a fair idea about the site, what are the various sections of the site, where we can contribute and learn, where special permissions are required to contributes etc will be known to you. Once you understand fully the site start reading various contributions and also reply whereever you think you can put your piece of mind. Once you continue like this you will become conversant with the site and rewards start coming on their own. I wish you all the best on the site.

    always confident

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    Thanku so so much to all
    for guiding me in a better way.


    dev kumar

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