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    Never expect anything.

    If you want to stay happy in life, the simple rule is to never expect anything. Expectations are the primary cause of our unhappiness. We should not expect anything even from our close ones. How often does it happen that we expect something from someone but when he/she doesn't do that for us, we feel extremely sad. If you do something good for others, don't expect the same in return otherwise you will end up being really disappointed. Don't expect that certain things will happen the way you want them to. Many people confuse expectation with hope. There is nothing bad in hoping for something. Hope is a wonderful thing. One should always hope for good things. It brings positivity in life and inspires us to move forward, but one must never cross that fine line between hope and expectations. There is a saying that, "Don't expect anything in life, expectations hurt a lot. When you don't expect, everything is a surprise and every surprise brings a smile."
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    I appreciate the author for highlighting this notion which is also my principle too. I shall do my work and attempt the task and wont expect the reward or award and if it comes it would be bonus for me. What I feel that those who are deciding the awards and rewards are not matured enough to arrive at the right conclusion and they wont judge who is right who is best. So we cannot argue with them and waste our time. But those who got the award by mistake would certainly feel bad and even think that he or she is not deserved that award and the real person has missed out. Such kind of situation happens to us in daily life too.
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    Nice to read. A good concept put in black and white. When there is an expectation there is a chance for disappointment. Disappointment brings in unhappiness and enmity. So if we can do away with expectations in our life we will be more happy and we will not have much enemies. You should help others with a zeal to help them but not expecting help from them in return. If you help a person in need definitely when you need the GOD will see that you will receive that help from expected or unexpected source. So don't think anything in return from your deeds.
    Aiming and hoping for betterment is not wrong. But expecting somebody's help for that is not correct. The hope to become real your personal contribution and hard work are very important than a windfall. As Gits says, Perform your work. Result will come. Don't expect the results. Whatever has to come that will definitely come. Nobody can stop that. If we take this as a rule in your life, you will have a very happy life. Hope high and try for that and don't expect windfalls.

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    Nice thread with good elaboration.

    Expectation is the root of our sorrows and pains. If we have done something good and favourable to someone even then we should not expect from him because in such cases his denial will hurt us more.

    You can identify a good person by his good deeds and help he has rendered to you. Now if same person comes you for help and you reject his request and he still talks and behaves with you as earlier then he is definitely a noble and great person as he has not expected from you but may be he was testing your worth.

    So the mantra for happiness is do not expect but if you can do some help or good advice to a person needing it give it without considering the renumeration.

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    yeah expectation is the main cause for our sadness, I usually follow these rules in my life and I never expect anything from life nor do from anything. And whenever I get anything beyond my expectation then it really make me feel happy. So I think to be happy one should never ever expect of anything.
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    Exactly. These were the teachings of Gautam Buddha. Desire and expectation causes misery.
    But the problem is, you expect a result after an action. Else, why act at all? Expectations are the motivations behind our actions. There is no action without motive. So, you are going to be unhappy if you act.
    But what if you don't act at all? Being neutral leaves you alone.
    Unhappiness or loneliness? Pick your poison.
    Happiness is an illusion. It is merely a recess from the survival race.
    You can delay a recess but cannot live in a recess.
    I think that's what Buddha was trying to convey too. Pursuing happiness isn't worth it.
    You shall be awarded with a recess only when you work hard.
    You shall be rewarded with happiness only when you're unhappy.

    The stronger a light shines the darker are the shadows around it.

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    I agree with the authors point of view that expectations hurt and often brings misery, even in great litearature of our mythology people often have advised to stay away from attachments and thus expectations related to these attachments.
    But what will our life without expectations, because if we love someone and are attached to person we will definately have expectations from them . And without any attachment , love emotions this world will be a chaos and robotic. Hence all these things sounds bookish
    A person can reduce his expextations but can't kill them completely.

    "It is hardest thing in the world to be good thinker without being a good self examiner"

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