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    How to post a question-answer article on ISC

    Actually, I want to write a Q & A Article but as per the norms of writing on ISC, I will need to use headings. And I am a bit confused about that. That's why I wanted some suggestions. If you have any suggestions, please post.
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    You give a good relevant heading related to theme or subject of your Qs and As. If you are covering questions and answers for various subjects arrange them under sub headings. The size of sub headings can be adjusted with html tags.

    You can alternately ask questions under one sub heading and give answers in the end under other sub heading.

    If you are going to write a series of articles like episodes please do not forget to write the sequence number.

    One example heading to help you could be like -

    'Do you know Q & A (Part-1)'

    Knowledge is power.

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    Thank you Umesh Sir for the suggestions.

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