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    How to be popular in friends and society?

    In the society some people are very popular and people want to make friendship with them. They get special attention and care wherever they go. They are liked by friends and without them every gathering is incomplete. Friends miss them if thry are sbsent.

    On the contrary there are people who are not respected in society. People avoid them in gatherings and social meetings. Parents tell their children not to mix with such people. A happy and joyful environment changes into cautious and silent place on their arrival at the scene.

    What is your view point on this analysis of a person based on his image in society? How a person can be popular in society and among friends?
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    Any person in the society can become popular by his profession, behavior or nature.
    In a circle of friends or relations a person who is in a very powerful position will become famous. Some people even though they are very powerful they never express that in their words and they will be a very down to earth persons and always tries to be good and friendly with others . These people will become very popular and everybody respects them and feel happy in their presence. Some people become famous by their profession. A Doctor, a lawyer, a
    dancer, a poet, a writer and an actor, these are will become very popular by their profession. Some people are having a nature of freely talking with everybody, extending their help in case of any requirement and share their difficulties. These people also become very famous
    These are the people who become very famous in our society.
    In my childhood days, in villages many houses don't have electricity also. Those days one family was having a radio. All the neighbors used to meet there on sunday afternoons to enjoy the radios programs. In that entire village that is the only radio.The lady of that house was very popular in that village as RADIO AUNTY.

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    If you are reachable and helpful to others, you are regarded and most respected in the society. There are people who are not attentive at the home, but they are very popular outside and people would longing to meet them and make friendship with them. People around us want a good listening person, a person who can help out during emergency and a person who can accompany the elders to shopping and other places.If one can impress with such kind of services, they are most wanted in the society and they would get the food and cash very liberally from others. But who has the time to do so ?
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    There are no techniques to become popular and loved by people. It is ones behaviour and approach to others' problems which attract others. Help others when they are in need. Keep a smiling face. Handle others' problems as own problem. These are simple methods to become popular.
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    Nowadays its very easy you can create one whatsup group and can add all your friends to interact regularly. Other ways you need to involve in problem solving for other friends without any expectation and that behavior make you a good man in society.
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    To be really loved and appreciated, one should be of help to others in whatever way one can.

    In the younger days one can be popular among peers if one is open and humorous and dependable.

    All other popularity should be taken as opportunistic and one cannot rely on them. That is 'fair weather' popularity.

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    You will be popular in society and people will like you of you are down to earth, simple, polite. Your behaviour and attitude matters a lot to be liked by everyone. If you are helping, then people will always remember you.
    On the other hand, people will dislike a person who is rude, selfish, cunning. So having a right attitude and behaviour is very important to be liked by others.

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    To be popular and one must have contagious positive attitude in his or her personality.
    A welcoming person with happy smile and being interested in other can really help a person to be popular among others.

    Chitra Rana

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    Its true that very few likes those people who are straight forward and thus such people are not very famous. However, becoming famous in society and being true to the society is two different thing. There are people who hide their true character and show like saint may get famous for their false behaviour but at the end what you are returning to your friend and society is what matter the most.

    So, yes sometimes you need to become villain in others eyes if you need to bring some new changes in society which will be far better than being simply famous. Our every action directly or indirectly connected with our surrounding so being true to oneself is what more require then trying to be famous.

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    I would like to share something with you very clearly and much briefly.
    1:-You've to interact with the people of society.
    2:-Making friends is also a good idea.
    3:-Always smiling face is also a trick.
    4:- speak clearly for getting good responses.
    5:-Be honest.

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    In my opinion if a person is having a soft nature and respectful behavior then only he can be popular among friends.
    Another trait is helpfulness. If one is helping others in time of need then people will remember him and will reciprocate in time of need.

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