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    The portrait is being shifted

    Yesterday was his last day in office. Today he has relinquished the charge. A new leader has assumed office. The oath-taking ceremony is not yet complete. But in the offices, the work has started. The portrait/photo is being shifted. All his portraits/photos of are being shifted from the chambers of the Ministers/senior officers. Arrangement is being made for procuring new portraits/photos of the new President.

    All of us know the rule: The old gives way to the new. When one leaves the chair, no one or very few remembers/remember him/her. Even then we forget the general rule that the chair is more important than the person. The exceptions are very few and far between. Even then, we give so much importance on ourselves. We think we are synonymous with the chair.

    It is not. The chair is more important than the person.
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    In following the protocol the seat is important. The portrait of President will be placed on walls of the chambers of all ministers and others. Yesterday Mr. Pranab was the president. Today Mr.Kovind is the President of India. So Photos will get replaced. But the good works done by the person will always be remembered. We all remember Dr.Kalam as a missile man of India. He long back retired from ISRO. Later on he was the President. Today he is no more. But we all remember him as person of integrity and honest. The old gives way to new. It has to give and the course will follow. But sometimes as expressed by you we feel we are very big. But we fail to understand that this is temporary and came to us because of the chair we are sitting. Once we know this truth we will always be humble. Dr,Kalam is a person like that. We respect him today also. The respect you are getting from your seat is temporary. But the respect you get from your behavior and actions will be permanent with you. Nobody is permanent with a position. It is for sometime. But he is a human being throughout his life.
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    In government offices it is compulsory to have the portraits of Present leaders who are at the helm of affairs. It is the duty of the administration to procure the right portrait of the incumbent leader and make arrangement to have them at the time his taking oath. I have seen in many offices in Telangana that even the photos of Y S Rajasekhara Reddy is kept, though he dead in a helicopter crash and Kiran Kumar Reddy was made the CM and ultimately Congress has to succumb to the pressure of dividing the state. But in that mele the new TRS government failed to change the photos in some departments and later they did it.
    K Mohan
    'Idhuvum Kadandhu Pogum "
    Even this challenging situation would ease

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