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    What is the use of having aerial survey to the flood hit areas ?

    It has become customary and compulsion on the part of PM, CM of the concerned state or the Central team to survey the affected areas through aerial mode and then they have the idea of extensive damage. Instead they can go the affected areas by road or train and meet the people who are rehabilitated and hoisted at different relief camps. Normally the estimates got out of aerial survey are not correct and the ground report of extensive damage submitted by the state government is not considered by the center.
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    There is a point for aerial survey if it is happening first time and you want to have a feel of it and its geographical extension. When it is a regular affair and you know the logistics of that place more than the people there what is the fun in aerial survey.

    As Mr Mohan has rightly pointed out if one is concerned so much he can depute his people or visit himself the area to boost the moral of relief agencies as well as local peopke. Such times going for aerial survey seems to be a formality.

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    Umesh you got me right. Just by embarking on aerial survey, the center suggests much help to the state, but in reality it gives pittance against the claim made by the state for the for nature havoc.
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    It is very correct. What is the use of going by helicopter and have a view of affected area. This is can be done as such by sitting in your room on your computer, now a days.
    If CM from state or PM from center wants to have feel of loss they should go by road and see the affected areas and meet the people there and share their difficulties. Advise the concerned authorities to do the required help and see that people will not suffer long because of these natural calamities. If they can't go personally, they can depute their team and ask them to do the needy.
    When there was a problem of Hudhud in Visakhapatnam of Andhra Pradesh, the role played by the CM of Andhra Pradesh is commendable. He personally camped in the affected area and gave instructions to the officers and he managed the normal life in the city in the shortest possible time. So far in the history of our Country no CM has acted like this. All appreciations to him. Today if you have a look at that city nobody will believe that there was a big damage to the city. Actually this is what needed than aerial surveys.

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