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    Beans, the vegitable gives effect in body weight reduction

    Present days, there is an alert in many of us related to weight reduction and removing unwanted flesh in the body. For this many of us seeking the help of doctors, Physical gyms, Dieticians etc.,

    Beans, the vegetable plays a vital role in reducing the calories in our body. Those who want to rreduce their body weight, can use the beans well.

    The following are superiority in the Beans:

    a) It contains fiber more and the fiber content enables killing of cancer cells.
    b)The other contents of beans will maintain all our parts of the body well and protects from all illness.
    c)The flavanoids content in this prevents the cancer possibility by killing the cancer cells.
    d)It cures the Kidney problems
    e)The protein content in the beans will reduce the body weight more and more.
    f)the contents of Vitamin A,C,K,Polete,Manganese helps much to the diabetic patients well.
    g)the fiber content in the beans will maintain the insulin level of the blood under control and there by this is good for diabetic patients.
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    Not knowingly the many benefits we used to eat beans curry often. Now that it is known about interesting benefits, at least once in week we would eat the same. I like the taste very much.
    K Mohan
    'Idhuvum Kadandhu Pogum "
    Even this challenging situation would ease

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    Very good information. Beans being a green vegetable is already known to contain many things beneficial for general health. The fibrous part is really very good for stomach and its food digestion process.

    It is one of the vegetables having protein but very less carbohydrates. Bean soup is known to be very nourishing.

    It is used in many ways right from soup to dry vegetable. Boiled beans are a good breakfast food for fatty persons and helps as measures for weight reduction.

    Knowledge is power.

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    Good information by the author. Beans are rich in proteins. So eating beans will give us good strength. Generally the beans are used by vegetarians in many ways. They mix it with doll, they make different types of curries also. Some eat these beans boiling them with water also. But some people feel that beans are very hard to digest and it will give lot of strain to our digestive system. May be good for all ages except above 70 years aged people.
    always confident

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