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    Very much impressed by this quote on a auto. Read this.

    While I was traveling I found a quote on the auto back which really impressed me. It says like this:

    " I will not run after the lover as she can get one, but I shall not desert my mother as she may not get a son like me"

    I was totally impressed by this great quote. Normally the youngsters in a fit of their emotion and love towards their girl friend wont mind even for eloping not caring to the sentiments of parents and their aspirations and expectations on the children. This quote would surely dissuade those for whom love life is more than mother bonding.
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    Mr.K.Mohan, a very nice point. The mother is God's gift and the lover is our selection. When the question of selection comes she may be selected by somebody else also. But no one can be your mother except your mother. A very nice quote.

    A mother feels happy out of your success even though she is losing. The mother nurtures you even though she is suffering. Mother feeds you even though she is hungry. Mother always shares her love to you even though you are not sharing the same to her.

    For any one mother and father are living Gods. Even though you're not going to temple God will not curse you but if you are not taking care of your parents He will curse you. Take care of them in their needy hours. Really a good quote and very happy to read this.

    always confident

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    A very impressive and good thread Mr Mohan you have initiated and I am sure many of us will like to add there feelings and sentiments here.

    My mother is about 86 years of age and somehow prolonging under medicines as very common in old age. She can walk with stick herself and can do little works like preparing a tea for herself and petit items like that. I am also about 64 years and I am also under some medicines and having certain problems with continuous sitting for a long time or other health issues. My mother is staying with my younger brother and sometimes I have to go there and stay for some time as my younger brother has to go out for a long duration. Whenever I go there she always asks me about my ailments and whether I am taking full care of my health or not and things like that. She is worried for me exactly with same intensity as she worried for me when I was a child. I can not describe in words the feelings and sentiments of a mother but I thought let me share this one.

    Anyway there is no replacement of a mother and she is the one to stand along your side in the mid of the night when you are ill and suffering irrespective of her or your age.

    Knowledge is power.

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    The quote speaks the mind of the writer. Little do we realise that the mother's love is selfless. The mother does not expect anything in return from her children and is ready to survive in any condition that her children put her into lest her dignity is not hurt.
    The word Maa brings solace to the child and is the most powerful word on Earth.

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