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    Are memorials are more important than the problems of common man for the government?

    Mr.Modi's government decided to build Statue of unity in memory of Sardar Patel at cost price of Rs.2928 Crores and similarly Shivaji Memorial at cost of Rs.3600 Crores. These budget estimates are much larger to the budgets proposed to Chandra Yan Rs.400 Crores and Mangal Yan Rs. 350 Crores which are meant for the development of the Nation. Why government is showing much interest in these things while various sectors like farming, financial and industrial sectors are facing severe drought condition? Are memorials are more important than the problems of common man?
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    Memorials should not be more important than the problems of the common man. The problems of the common man should be solved at the earliest. I agree 100% with the author.
    The amounts sanctioned for above said memorials are very high. But once they develop these memorials they may become good tourist spots and thus they may gain good amount of money in Indian currency as well as foreign exchange also. This may be the reason for those sanctions. Even then priority should be given to solve common man problems only.
    Another point to note here is approvals are different and sanctions are different. Probably the money sanctioned for these may be spent in coming four or five years, whereas the sanction for the projects mentioned by spent in this year itself. This is another angle to look at it.
    However Government should not spend lavishly on memorials at the cost of people's sufferings.

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    When ever a government takes a decision there is a hidden agenda for the party representing it to gain through votes for the next elections. Sardar Vallabhai Patel was the pride of India, great of Gujarat and naturally our PM Modi who hails from that state wants to give a befitting honor to the Iron Man of India by having a gigantic statue of nearly 200 feet. Likewise the BJP is not having good presence in Maharastra and by having biggest statue of Shivaji as memorial the BJP wants to get good name in the minds of Maharastrians. Hardly two years left for general elections and these overtures are part of vote catching modes.
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    We cannot say that memorials are not necessary at all. Memorials stand as a connect to history.They stand as inspirations to later generations.They may stand as symbol of unity also.

    However it is always better not to spend scarce resources just on memorial. But it can be made use for something useful for the community. That is how roads, hospitals, schools, libraries etc are built in the name of deceased persons. They serve both-as memory and as service to people.

    But with all we people who can make speech on spending on memorials, I wonder how the park came in Lucknow with Mayavati's statue and tens of elephant statues. That was even surpassing many old Kings who built statues for themselves when they were alive and ruling .

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