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    Opinion: Should a tank be kept in the campus of JNU?

    Since 1970, the students of National Defence Academy (NDA), Khadakvasla, have been getting their Graduation degree from Jawaharlal Nehru University (JNU). Till now, more than 40,000 NDA students have received their Graduation degree from JNU. Many of them later sacrificed their life to safeguard the safety and secutiry of the country and countrymen. JNU must be genuinely proud of these great alumni.

    Instead JNU is nowadays known for the slogan "Bharat tere tukde honge". JNU is infamous for distribution of sweets after killing of armed forces personnel by the Naxalites. JNU comes to limelight due to various anti-Indian 'intellectual' activities in the campus.

    Under the circumstances mentioned above, the present Vice-Chancellor of JNU has proposed to keep a tank in the campus of JNU to instill a sense of patriotism in the mind of students of the University. The tank would also be a symbol of respect to the alumni who have dedicated themselves for the service of the country.

    I fully support the proposal. What about other Members of ISC? What do they think about the proposal of keeping a tank in the campus of JNU? (In this connection, we must remember that there is a replica of Mig fighter aircraft in the campus of Jamia Millia Islamia, another Central University in Delhi.)
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    I think it is a good decision to keep a tank in the university campus as symbol of respect to their alumni who sacrificed their life for the sake of the country. At the same time it will be an inspiration to the present day students to improve their patriotism and fight against the evil forces who want India to get destroyed. It will give a sense of courage and management support for the genuine students who love their country and want their country to progress. It will teach a lesson also to those who are fighting against the country and remind them that if they continue the same that they may have to face the music on one day.
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    JNU authorities have been using many ways and means to instill confidence in the students and also the outsiders who have good hopes on this great Institution which was responsible to churn out the intelligentsia to the country. But due to involvement of politics inside the campus, the students were divided and hatred among them has been sown. Now the JNTU wants to instill confidence in every student and decided to have a Military tank stationed inside the campus so that students can feel the security and also the pride for representing the greatest University of India which is known for academics and pride.
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    I humbly seek opinion of other Members on this important issue, which is still grabbing the headlines of newspapers even after recent political earthquake in Bihar.
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    I am strictly against keeping tank in JNU campus. It will give a wrong signal to our notions of brotherhood, democracy . JNU is one of the breeding center of Political leaders in our country. JNU professors are known for their left leaning since days of Nehru. It is in Institutions like JNU were Ideological debates takes place to the maximum. But I completely agree that Government must reign in some misguided elements and restore confidence by debates, conferences and forums. JNU has influence over humanities syllabus across the country. No doubt many columnist in Hindu, Indian express are from JNU. They are the conscience that we are moving away from our social principles to liberal policies. The end of these liberal policies which is a gamble to some extent by GOI if goes wrong might lead to fascism which can be stopped only by institutions like JNU which will give political alternative at that time. It may develop a future Keynes and mill who helped liberal traditions to be alive in Britain Western nations when fascism was battling them tooth and nail with fall of liberal world order. when economist from Chicago frame Indian economic policies these days it is leaders from JNU who give veto to some aggressive liberalization in several situations.

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    This is factually wrong to state that students and teachers of JNU have left leaning. Only the students and teachers of social science departments are politically active. Other students, especially the students of science stream, don''t bother about all these dirty politics. Same is applicable for the teachers in these departments. Media again projects a wrong picture of JNU.
    Non-violence is the greatest Dharma; So too is all righteous violence.

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    Partha Kansabanik
    Exactly and being left leaning must be appreciated. Several of our present Politicians including our Finance minister Arun Jaitley is from JNU. Several colleges are affiliated to JNU and hence science stream students are too graduated from JNU. When RBI Governor wants a free run on monetary policy , it was Arun Jaitely who proposed a MPC, member committee to control the legislation. Present foreign Secretary Jaishankar, Nirmala Sitaraman, BJP commerce minister are all having roots in JNU. If we go into details in several regulatory bodies, Institutions they find their place as conscience in this era of free run liberal policies dominating the mainstream agenda.

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    Mr. Gokul Aravindh: Mr. Arun Jaitley is a product of SRCC under Delhi University. He is not a product of JNU. Ms. Nirmala Sitaraman started ABVP in JNU.

    Why left-leaning should be appreciated? What is so great in that ideology? Many Members will be astonished to know that once upon a time I was also a supporter of Students Federation of India (SFI) in one of the best colleges of Calcutta. I know their activities very well. Moreover, I have first-hand knowledge of communist ideology and literature. Is 'Dictatorship of the Proletariat' ispossible in this materialistic world? Then why has China been practising capitalism in the garb of communism?

    The tank must be there in JNU as a symbol of honour to the NDA students who graduate from JNU and protect the nation from external and in some case internal enemies.

    The rootless, over-aged, so-called students of JNU who, with the help of foreign donation, plan India's 'barbadi' must be checkmated.

    Non-violence is the greatest Dharma; So too is all righteous violence.

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    It is not a good decision to keep battle tanks or any other military hardware inside an educational institution.
    The words patriotism, terrorism, fundamentalism, and all "isms"are twisted and maneuvered to confuse, distort and excite people
    Now people have difficulty in distinguishing ideological uses of such words.

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    First I am sorry to you refering by just your name in my previous thread.
    I wanted left leaning politics to be there in India. I am not favouring communism. There is a vast difference between the two. First in world no government can claim to be purely communistic or liberalistic. Exactly Chinese communism is determined by government control over its banks and PSUs. Chinese is capitalistic in its trade practices. Similarly in America domestically state control has been established in health and various other sectors though it claims to be defender of capitalism. When hitler was about to capture power in Germany the only party to oppose him till last before his caputure was a communistic party. In India whenever a crisis in world has occurred often our economist suggest that our fundamentals are strong.what are these fundamentals. They are nothing but state regulatory control over market to make sure that liberalistic market mechanism doesn't go out of hands. This is what left meaning. In U.K. Labour Party had been in power and still holds a formidable influence against capitalistic Conservative party.
    Whenever people follow liberalism to extreme the system breaks at one time due to excessive commercialisation and investment. This is clearly explained in this year economic survey by Aravind Subramanian, CEA to govt. of India. During 2000's India followed rapid liberalisation. Our growth was in leaps and bounds. During BJP and initial congress phase this helped parties in power to pursue further liberalisation. The effects started from 2010's. Indian employment scenario worsened. From that peak in 2004-2004 when tech companies went even to Arts and science background students for campus in 2012-14 companies recruited less even in reputed Institutes like NITs. The problem is this. Roads were built. But the traffic was very low leading to poor toll collections, airplanes were bought but no passengers, Thermal power plants were built when cost of per unit electricity was 4/kWh. But after it became 2/kWh due reduced demand. Companies took toll on employment to reduce expenditure. The only thing which saved India from a crisis like US was due to some socialistic fundamentals of Indian economy and institutions like RBI. Priority sector lending a socialistic policy helped this time. Agriculture boosted rural demand to compensate for fall in urban demand. US doesn't have PSL guidelines in its banks. So it suffered. Of course there other reasons like QE. But it is our socialistic or. Left leaning fundamentals which saved India at the time. This is there in economic survey 2015-16 and 16-17. Nowadays there is no complete right and left. There must be checks and balances to the right wing policies of government which can be provided by left literature. This happens in institutes like JNU. Let it be ABVP, SFI or anything. The students get their teachings from some left leaning professors. May be mill or Keynes who supported government spending when capitalism was fuelling 1929 crash will be reborn in JNU. Neither mill nor Keynes supported communism. They saved capitalism by leaning left.
    By this I am not saying about SFI. May be in SFI politics may be bad but socialistic principles must always be there to guide the liberal.

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