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    Do you agree that the television serials are showing many bad ideas than good ones ?

    I was peeved the way the television serials are being churned out either in regional or National level. Every serial is teaching the bad things more and not coming out with good things. Yesterday in one of the Hindi serial the main character who was suppose to serve the tea to the guest who happens to be the grooms, was made to fumble and pour the tea on the guest by the crooked mentality of a guest already having a eye on that girl. Such type of bad stuff shown only pave way for bad society and nothing can learned from the so called serials.
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    Totally agreed. In olden days even in cinemas the death scenes were not depicted instead they just show the photo of the member so called died, in the frame with garland. The crying persons also cried slightly and not as if real. But late on the cinema and televisions, the death scenes are depicted clearly from the carrying of the body, cremation (either sand showering or putting fire on the pyre etc., without leaving any single rituals. It is very uncomfortable to see such serials with children and it is very difficult to explain them when they are questioning us.
    Secondly almost all language serials containing the kidnapping children, selling children to beggars, cruel actions towards children for revenging the elders are become common nowadays and many unknown people also learning the tactics of doing such actions by their clear depiction.
    Third thing exaggerating the small quarrels into big as many people plan themselves to follow in their own.
    It is better to avoid seeing such serials as we cannot correct the serial makers as they are doing this for money.

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    I agree 100% with the author. The TV serials are causing much unrest in many families.
    Especially the serials are taking stories mainly ladies as the villains. In a house a mother in law and a daughter in law. War between the two. Mother in law tries to create problems to the daughter in law and the daughter trying to do the reverse. In many serials this is the common theme. In villages the ladies in the afternoon sits and watches these TVs and unnecessarily start thinking bad about their in law. There the problem starts, I have seen 3 families getting separate on this type of issue only.
    Secondly the directors of these serials trying to bring in new methods and ways to deceive the others. The viewers are seeing these useless serials and trying to implement outside. Really creating problems to the society.
    To have longer episodes they extend the serial with unnecessary issues as mentioned by Mr. Ramachandran and show unwanted for long time. This is causing real headache,
    In our house none of us watch these serials. We all feel it is purely a waste of time. Very rerely we switch on our TV.

    always confident

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    Yes, I totally agree with you. If, we analyse it deeply, we will find that we all are responsible for it. There are some writers and directors who aim to teach their viewers the lessons of life but our response desperates them.
    Our tendency towards bad is much higher than that of good. Many national and regional TV channels have tried and still trying, but we also need to respond.

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    I do not find or see bad serials.

    The reason is, I do not view TV nowadays. I never had the habit of viewing TV much any time. Only when some important events happen do I turn my TV on. It is just a few hours in a month that I view TV. That also mostly news and news related programme. The recent one I viewed was the Reliance AGM telecast.
    But once-in-while when I just surf channels, I get to hit some very good programme also.

    What I want to bring out is, TV has got any number of channels.We can choose the one we want. Once tested we surely come to know which are good and which are bad as per our own judgement.

    Then why to continue with the 'bad serials' and blame the TV channels?

    It is same in internet also. Good and bad are always available there. Why not we search for good only? Why to look for bad and then complain?

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    Yes, TV serials show only negative stuffs and I completely agree with that point. In every serial there should be a negative character who gets all bad thoughts and ideas to spoil things and this will influence many people in real life. Also a new hindi serial has come up recently were a small boy of around 9-10 years old sees a girl old enough and stalks her. All this will have a bad impact on people and also on kids and hence telecasting such things should be banned.

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    From these responses it is clear that the thoughts of the people across the country would be the same and hence I and B ministry must take action.
    K Mohan
    'Idhuvum Kadandhu Pogum "
    Even this challenging situation would ease

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    Actually Some ideas comes to people by Television and some ideas goes by people to television so we can not blame to only television. They show and that may happen in past.
    Santosh Kumar Singh
    (Sr. Microsoft Dynamics Axapta Technical,Mumbai)

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    A very good observation of author regarding the affect of TV serials on us.

    At the same time I will like to mention that whether it is TV serials or radio programs or film songs or theatre or any other entertaining activity, the objective of all is to entertain and in turn generate revenue.

    Now there are some directors who give beautiful and entertaining serials by remaining in the boundaries of sophistication and cultured ways of presenting the human emotions and drama. We do not find anything offending or obscene or objectionable in those shows. Unfortunately there are many who do not bother anything except eying the revenues and in this pursuit break the boundaries between good and bad. There are some shows or films which we do not feel comfortable seeing with our family members.

    This trend in entertainment industry is not in a good taste though the patrons of such things argue that they are selling what is required by the audience. There argument is only to hide their selfishness and vested interest.

    Knowledge is power.

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