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    Drug menace in Hyderabad film circle becoming murkier. Why big names not revealed ?

    For the few days the opening headlines in morning news is fully dedicated to drug abuse by noted film producers, directors , actors and even technicians. Based on the tip off and arrest of a foreign National, there seems to be bigger racket of drug peddling and even business carried out by so called stars. Now the opposition in the state is demanding to name all those big in the society who were part of drugs business and made lots of money. Will the law take its own course or even question those big wigs ?
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    As of now the inquiry is going on in such way that no interference to the inquiry officer from bigwigs. But there was a call to the officer threatening him with dire consequences. One film actress gone to court but court has dismissed her plea. This drug menace is having its wings in universities colleges and even schools also. This problem is to be controlled at the earliest.
    Many students are getting spoiled because of these drugs. All roots are finally going to cinema industry only and many more names are coming as the inquiry is progressing. Today some news item I have read stating that some of the cine professionals want to shift to Andhra Pradesh to have a more peaceful life there.
    Still preliminary inquiry is only going on. After this they may take some people into custody also. However the problem has to be put to an end. All actions should ensure that.

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    On the one hand small time personalities of film world are inquired and on the other hand those who are sure in the net are not being revealed.
    K Mohan
    'Idhuvum Kadandhu Pogum "
    Even this challenging situation would ease

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