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    Good person cannot be in company of bad group. Bihar CM Nitish Kumar resigns.

    We all know Bihar CM Nitish Kumar who represents JDU party is the seasoned politician and wont stick to power if something irritates him. The latest episode of Dy CM Tejeswi Yadav has irked him and as he cannot ask Dy CM to resign fearing back lash from RJD and Lalu, he chose to resign himself as the CM of Bihar and thus giving big jolt to the so called Mahaghatbandhan of JDU, RJD and Congress. With this action Nitish Kumar has proven himself that he mean clean politics and no overtures. Now advantage BJP.
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    Mr. Nitish Kumar is a good politician. But he has caught up in bad circle. If you stand below tadi tree and drink milk also people say you are drinking tadi only. This is how it has become to Nitish now. His friends Lalu and party will not allow any body to survive. Now what happens in Bihar we have to see. CM has resigned. Now MLAs of Mahaghatbandhan of JDU, RJD and Congress may meet and elect a new leader or JDU may come out of the group is to be seen.
    BJP may get some advantage out of these happenings. Let us see.

    always confident

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    Nitish Kumar has played the game very tactfully. He has not blamed anyone directly but at the same time has given the verdict that the situation has been the giving of RJD only. He has very rightly said that any good act of his would not be appreciated and would be questioned because of the association or the Mahagatbandhan with RJD. He definitely is a good person who has given up a position as he could not stay with corruption.

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    Nitish Kumar is an extraordinarily tactful politician. In 2013, there was a coalition between JDU and BJP in Bihar and the State Government was running very efficiently. When BJP announced Narendra Modi as Prime Ministerial candidate, Nitish thought that BJP would not be able to win the Lok Sabha election. He suddenly broke the coalition and went with Laluprasad, who has been one of the most honest(I) politicians of India for the last 20 years.

    Now when the honesty of Lalu, his sons and daughters has again become very prominent, Nitish has been planning to break the coalition with RJD.

    Non-violence is the greatest Dharma; So too is all righteous violence.

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    Let us not forget that Nitish was there in the' good group' of NDA. At that time he found Lalu and co as better group and simply jumped at the first opportunity taking a limp reason.

    I do not see any goodness or principle in the present jump. Nitish is the modern version of 'Aya Ram, Gaya Ram'.

    It is just another fresh example of smart cows turning to greener pastures. Politicians know how to justify each of their actions and camouflage them with some reasons to impress gullible public.

    We need not be surprised if Nitish returns back to Lalu & co side before or after next general elections if he sees opportunity there. He may say some discover more impressive reason for that also.

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    "Politics are like that only....." a comment what can we pass at present whether it is Nitish or Modi or BJP or any other party. Nitish very well know about Lallu's case before he tied with UPA. Once he opposed Modi as PM candidate strongly now he is cursing him and BJP. This is what opportunistic politics are like this!! If he have faith and true honesty in politics he might have recommended to dissolve the Assembly and went for a fresh poll. I agree with the thought of Venkat sir in this regard.

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    The author has analysed nicely the current political activities in Bihar state in this post.

    It is very true that in politics people join hands without considering each others virtues or shortcomings but in long run milk and water are separated. This event shows nicely the exit of a good person when things have gone beyond the acceptable limits. The drama has unfolded in the most logical and honest way.

    Central Government is observing this very minutely and they have to take advantage from this situation to try to initiate a good governance in Bihar which was so far under the spell of a man present directly or behind the curtain.

    We hope things will come to a better shape after this event.

    Knowledge is power.

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    Now I think Mr.Nitish Kumar is back in the fold of good people Mr. K. Mohan. When he was with BJP he was able to identify the good in Lalu. When he is with Lalu he is able to recognise the goodness of BJP. Now today he is again taking oath as CM with the support of BJP. What a game and what a bad politics. When yesterday he resigned I was of the opinion that if may be out of politics for some time. But I was proved wrong. I think BJP's decision of supporting him is also not a good sign.
    always confident

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    Friends, In politics no one is friend or enemy. No one is good or bad. Politics is all about situation and time. Its not the first time in Indian politics such things has happened.

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