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    Today the Rahu- Kethu transition takes place. Here are the predictions.

    For some the Rahu- Kethu transition is considered good and for many stars, this transition period seems to be challenging. Members who have faith in astrology may believe and those who do not believe may not read and comment.

    Rahu Kethu transit today and its effect on the following stars:

    Those who belong to Aries star must be careful regarding health wise as set back could be possible and also there would certain effect on Education and academic.

    For Taurus this period would be fruitful and they will be more efficient than ever.

    For the people belonging to Gemini, they may face Financial issues, better to keep away from signing deeds and agreements.

    For Cancerians too this transition is not favorable as they are likely to be affected for wrong deeds and better to postpone important decisions for 6 months.

    For Virgo sect, there would be windfall and their earnings would be raising.

    For those belonging to Libra, their parents health would be cause of concern. But they benefit through good wealth.

    For the Scorpions, there would be disturbance of life in personal and also at the professional fields.

    For Sagittarius, there is warning that they should keep away from illegal activities.

    For the Capricons, the martial life would be in trouble with much misunderstandings.

    For the Aquarius sect, this transition would given enough pain and agony as they will be affected with stomach pain and liver problems.

    For Pisces, their mental peace would be disturbed, and children would be cause of concern.

    For Leos this period would be most expensive with sudden travel plans and losses through Financial issues.
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    I am a Virgo by Tamil, and a Capricon by English. While the Rahu-Ketu shift is favourable to me as a Virgo born with a raise in my earning, it is unfavourable with a trouble and misunderstanding with my good wife. Will the raise in my money earning compensate the trouble I will have with my wife? I don't know. Only Mr. Rahu and Ketu will know.
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    Rahu and Kethu are important in astrology. The predictions that are coming in papers and TVs are very general in nature. There are crores of people who belongs to each Rassi. So we have to take these predictions as just an indication in general but not as particular to a single individual.
    If an individual wants to know the effect of various planets on his life, he should refer his individual horoscope and from that prediction are to be taken. A good astrologer by seeing an individual's chart can predict the results up to 90% correct. The effect of Rahu and ketu on an individual depends more on the placement of these two planets in the individual's chart.
    Now a days these charts can be made by the computer once you feed your details asked for.Everybody can try or consult known Pandit who can read your horoscope and tell you the results and also remedies to avoid problems.

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    We do not wish to encourage such threads based on astrological beliefs. If anybody has a query in this field, then it can be submitted in our Ask Expert section. Other than some general discussion in the field (which we have had many times too), we would prefer not to have any such specific so-called predictions in our educational site's forum. Desist please.
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