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    Do you agree every National and Regional parties became one man show parties at present?

    In the past parties opposite to Congress used to say that the Congress is a one man show party and there is no internal democracy. But at present every National and Regional party is becoming a one man show party. For example BJP, there is only one person Mr.Modi can decide every important decision of its party and the government. We don't see much collective decision in the party and any prominent member who raises new decision to be implemented. Similarly Mr. Naidu of A.P. Mr.KCR of T.S. Mr. Nitish of Bihar of regional parties have one man show in their rule. In this respect Congress is much better in that any member can raise their voices on any issue and so more internal democracy. What were your say about this folks?
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    Many national parties and regional parties are mainly depend on one man only. But in case of BJP there is a difference. Modi is now PM. So his word carries more weight. Amit Shah is the President of the party. His words will also have weightage. But when Mr. Atal was the PM he was having importance. BJP leader will not be from the same family. But congress and other regional parties are ruled by a person always belonging to the same family. Mr.Lalu and his son. Mr. Naidu and his son. Mr.KCR and his son. This is how the trend goes. In case of congress, Mr.Nehru, his daughter Ms.Indira gandhi, her son Mr, Rahul Gandhi, his wife Ms.Sonia, her son Mr. Rahul Gandhi. The list goes on like this. Irrespective of who was the PM these Nehru family persons only will have the say in all matters. Starting from CMs of each state under congress rule to the lowest post in the party will come in sealed cover sealed by a member of Nehru family. This is the culture of congress. Only in case of Mr.P V Narasimha Rao we don't see this trend. That is why he was ill treated even after his death also and never considered him for Bharat Ratna, The same is happening in many regional parties also. But in BJP there is no family rule. As long as a person is in chair he will have a say. Once he is out of seat he will be respected, he will be consulted and he will be well treated but final decision will be by the man sitting in the chair. Without having a power what is the use of a post. Without giving powers asking somebody to sit in the chair and ruled by somebody else culture is absent in BJP, I think.
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    We cannot say that parties are managed as one man show. Every party has the formidable leader and being his charismatic presence he can seek votes on his own as the brand ambassador of the party. When a leader becomes famous through mass election and selection, he bounds to assert rights even inside the party. We know how LK Advani and other leaders are sulking in front of gigantic Modi in decision making and even speaking. The power speaks here. For AP, the CM Chandrababu Naidu asserts his power , though he inducted his son as Minister , but the final say would be of Babu. Like wise KCR is also manning the TRS party as one man person and even his son KTR is not given the power. The regional parties were either too had the prominence. Now the regional parties have the compulsion either to stick with UPA alliance or NDA partners.
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