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    Teamwork A way to success.

    Either in our house or in an establishment there may be more than one individual. So in the house or in the office the works whatever we take up should be shared between a group and make a root map and follow the path and get the results. Here for the success of a project various inputs and various activities may be required to be done within the set period of time. These kind of works if performed by a team under one leader, the activity can be finished in the expected time. Instead of team work if only one person go on doing alone the work may not be completed in time and may not get success also. But if it is carried out by a team of people as per the road map made and responsibilities divided among the various members of the team..the work will be completed fast.
    So always teamwork is the best way to achieve success.

    Too many cooks spoil the dish. What should be the size of the team, who is the leader etc are to be decided basing on the goal of the project and duration of the Project. Do you agree?
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    Yes I fully agree with the author that the team work is the great approach to success. Just now while crossing the Railway gate near my house, I found the Railway Gangmen replacing the old torn out rails with the new one and all of them are working in tandem and unitedly doing the task with ease. They are singing, they are abusing and they even scolding each other so that they should get the pep up activity and push the rail fast to the placing point. So some big work which needs many to attend can well be done with total sync and coordination. Otherwise no work can be done by single person.
    K Mohan
    'Idhuvum Kadandhu Pogum "
    Even this challenging situation would ease

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