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    The problems with articles in English

    The words A,An and The are called articles in English. All of us fully aware of the usage of these articles in the language. But sometimes we will be doing some mistakes like using A instead of An or An in place of A. To avoid this confusion of mine I am giving below my knowledge about these words. I request knowledgeable members to correct if I am wrong anywhere.

    1. If a word is countable we have to use an article before that word. Ex. a car, A book. A sweet .
    2. No article before plural words,
    3.A should be used before consonant sound. ( A consonant is a letter of the alphabet that represents a speech sound produced by a constriction of the speech organs.) A Book, A house
    4.An should be used with a vowel sound.(vowel: a speech sound made with your mouth open)
    An Umbrella, An Ox
    5. The is to be used before a specific thing. A book means any book. The book means , book that is identified.

    Ex: I have to catch a train. I have to catch the Godavari Super fast express.
    I want to read a book. I want to read the book recently written by Mr. Satya Nadella.

    Friends, Please correct my mistakes.
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    With my little knowledge of english grammar I am not seeing anything to correct. You have presented the use of articles nicely in a consolidated post. Very informative and has revived childhood memories when we were struggling to learn english. In our time and place where I did my schooling, actually english learning started from class VI, may seem surprising to some people but true. Many experts will be seeing clearly those things through my english.

    Anyway what I want to add is when pronunciation emphasis is on the second letter in a word than also 'a' or 'an' is used accordingly though their may be difference of opinion on that. For example 'an historical novel' and 'an hotel'.

    In Indian english we pronounce historical and hotel with emphasis on 'h' so we can use 'a' also in place of 'an'.

    Knowledge is power.

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    Mr. D.N.Srinivasa Rao,
    it is very easy to remember articles in English. Try to learn this article by Hindi alphabet. If you will learn by English alphabet there is a possibility of making mistakes. For example, if a word is started with Hindi like (a,aa, e,ee, o,oo, etc) then we will put an before it. For example, An MLA, An Australian,
    Let see in above example according to English first one is started with M so there should be a but an is the right one ( according to Hindi it is pronounced em, el, a) by a, so we will put an before it.
    Similarly if a word is not started with Hindi vowel, then we will put a before it. For example, a European, a pen, etc.
    Let see in the above example, European is started with E, so according to English alphabet, there should be an but the right one is a. Since in Hindi it is pronounced as (Uropean) and u is not a vowel in Hindi.
    So, i will suggest to remember article by Hindi alphabet to avoid mistakes in article.

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    Mr. Rao,
    Good topic to discuss and clear my doubts relating to the articles in English.

    Which one is correct?
    1. I studied in a university/I studied in an university.
    2. She is a Europian/ She is an Europian.
    3. I have a umbrella/I have an umbrella
    4. He is a utterly dark person/He is an utterly dark person
    5. I went to a hotel/I went to an hotel
    6. He is late by an hour/He is late by a hour
    7. After a year...../After an year .....
    8. This is a useless item/This is an useless item

    No life without Sun

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    A give the correct answers as per my knowledge. Knowledgeable persons can correct any mistakes.
    1. I studied in an University
    2.She is an European
    3.I have an umbrella
    4.He is an utterly dark person
    5, I went to a hotel
    6.He is late by an hour
    7.After a year
    8.This is an useless item

    always confident

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    Dear Sun and Dr. N. V. Srinivasa Rao,
    1. Studied in a university (pronounced as u as Hindi alphabet)
    7. After an year (pronounced as e in Hindi )
    8. A useless item (pronounced as u in Hindi)
    Other are right given by Mr. Dr. Rao as per my knowledge.

    Honesty is the best policy.

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    Several time from the Editors specially ME and senior members has said in forum that if one type their contents in WORD file, these small mistakes can be avoided. The grammar check in word file helps a lot. Apart from that nowadays, I checks my grammar mistakes online whenever I am writing contents for article. One can use that too.

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    1. I studied in a University
    2. She is a European
    3. I have an umbrella
    4. He is an utterly dark person
    5, I went to a hotel
    6. He is late by an hour
    7. After a year ( 'year' is not pronounced as 'ear' - the consonant 'Y' is clearly pronounced when the word 'year', is said correctly).
    8. This is a useless item

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