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    Seeking a few tips to improve Spoken English

    Dear friends,
    Through this thread I would like to invite you to throw some light on the topic of Spoken English. Spoken English becomes one of the most focusing points in today's world. Without having skills in speaking English it becomes extremely difficult for a job seeker to get a job in this highly competitive world. Spoken English has become a defining factor in all walks of lives today. As a student, I have been working very hard to improve my spoken English and today I have been able to communicate and could simply run my daily conversation in English. But still, I need to improve a lot.

    As it is an open platform to discuss, I request all of you to make a healthy discussion providing a few simple tips to improve my Spoken English. Through this thread others who have also been facing the same problem will get an opportunity to learn to improve their speaking as well.
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    Good attempt by the author to seek the tutorial on spoken English. Yes for some conversing and discussing with others in English has become a challenging subject and they cannot cope up. Nothing to worry. English is such a language where in you can say the same sentence in different ways and in simple way. Some intelligent people can also understand what you want to say even in half knowledge English. Please start using small known words and say to the opposite person that you are in the trial of learning this great language on how to speak. Surely many would come forward and correct your English then and there itself. This way you can improve English. Moreover try to speak in front of the mirror. Imagine the mirror image is the opposite person and now start conversing in such a way that a discussion takes place in reality. So learning process would start with great earnest and interest to which every one would appreciate.
    K Mohan
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    Even this challenging situation would ease

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    To speak good English first of all you should have good vocabulary. For that you start reading newspapers and some english books. Don't leave any word. If you don't know the meaning of any word, go through the dictionary and get the meaning of that word. You yourself make one or two sentences using that word so that you will not forget the meaning of that word.
    Don't hesitate to talk. Many people think that they can't speak English and also think that they may commit mistakes while speaking. Just take away that thinking from your mind.
    Even though you know other languages start speaking in English only. Start this exercise from your house only. If you have a brother or sister start talking to them in English. In between if you don't know English word for the time being you use a word from your known language and complete the conversation. Then go to the dictionary and search for the word which you are not able to remember in conversation. Use that 2 or 3 times. Then you start speaking to your classmates. Don't worry about their reaction. Once you practice speaking like this and continue reading books you will improve your speaking skills in English.

    always confident

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