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    Better late than never

    Generally we will try to do the works in time and always aim for that. But some times we may not be able to complete the work with in the targeted time. The reasons for delay may be because of your way or the things which are not in your hands. But I observed some people to get irritated for not completing the work in time and they will stop proceeding further and stop there.

    But the well known proverb says it is better to complete the work even though there is some delay instead of not doing anytime.

    What I feel is we should plan our works in such a way that we will complete the work in time. But we should not get upset if we are not able to complete as scheduled and don't stop there. We should try further and see that we will complete the work at a minimum possible time.

    Friends, do you agree.
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    Many of us are not professionals or that trained to complete the task or the work in time. We are likely to make up or loose timings. Even in case of trains leaving the main station and reaching the intermediate stations, all set by the time table committee. But the same committee never taken the probable natural calamities, land slides, flooding of waters on the track and in those case the train would be delayed. Like wise in many sections there is only single track and the Railways has to manage the goods and the passenger traffic. Some times the delay is due to keep waiting for other train to pass. All these are not taken in to account while deciding the train timings and ultimately they are delayed for the reasons told herein. Sometimes the drivers are issued even show cause notice as to why the train was late. This is the clear case of late than never.
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    There are some jobs which are time bound and there are also some jobs which can be scheduled to be done at a later time but not on a later date.
    So we have to try to complete the planned jobs within time frame but their sequence can be rearranged depending upon the urgency.

    Sometimes we plan very ambitiously only to find that a substantial chunk of jobs is left out to be attended. It means at planning stage itself one has to be judicious and asses his means and potential so that the gap between plan and execution narrows down.

    It is easy to say than achieve but there is no point in overloading ourselves when we very well know that our expectations are not practical to achieve.

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    There are some work which are time-bound. The quality of work doesn't matter if it is not done within stipulated time. As for example, Government Ministries have to answer Pariament Questions. These are time-bound and the Questions are required to be answered on the particular date(s) on which these are stipulated to be answered. So, a brilliant and informative answer to a Question has absolutely no value if it is submitted late.

    We require a balance of quality and adherence of time-limit in comleting the task assigned to us.

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    Firstly, important thing in life is to never get late for something specially if it really matters to someone, but in case there happens any circumstances and other things becomes our priorities we should try to finish earlier left tasks also and hence things like "better late than never" works out because in this fast going world -any work once left out remains left out .
    Secondly if we ever leave things for tomorrow, procrastination should never be considered as a reason for any kind of delay in and if there is any such reason we have for leaving our priorities we should try to obliterate such things.

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