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    We all use the Whatsapp daily and know how it is famous.

    Every mobile user in India is familiar with the social media giant Whatsapp and through this application we are exchanging views, images and videos across our relatives, friends and well wishers. As per the company estimates daily 100 crore people are using the app. On monthly basis 130 crore people are using whatsapp. Totally more than 5500 crore messages were sent through this application daily. And the whatsapp is used and sent through 60 languages across the world. But I am not availing this social media. What about you ?
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    Although I have been using mobile for a quite long time, I am not using Whatsapp. I seriously consider it a distraction and disturbance.
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    I am using this App. in my Smart Phone to send messages, Photos, video's , receipts etc. to family members, relatives, friends etc. in a very quick succession. This App. is very convenient for quick and immediate sending of messages.

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    Now a days some Organisations also using this app as their official communication platform. This will help in sending information instantly and receive reply as soon as it is sent. The people who manage the show from their office are communicating through this media with their field staff and they are trying to solve the problems immediately. This is a good app.
    I am using on my official mobile as well as my personal mobile. Mainly my communication to my juniors will go through whats app and they also communicate through this.
    As mentioned by you it is being used by many people these days

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    It is a good app for communication. It consumes space and need to be deleted after viewing it or fowarding it. The battery goes low soon. We need to have the wi-fi or net connection to use whatsapp. So, the telephone bill goes up. I have it but don't use it. Does anyone disagree with my comments?
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    One need not have the own wifi connection, Even the neighbor and friend connection beside your home is enough to have whatsapp on line.
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    I am somehow more comfortable with Whatsapp. The irony is that I did not become comfortable with FB, twitter etc. I found whatsapp convenient because it gives a feeling of one-to-one communication like in voice phone. It also gives the convenience to address and communicate in group if we chose. I helps me to send same information or notice to many at a stretch, without making it public and enabling them to receive it in their phone.

    Whatsapp is quite convenient for those who need basic- plus- some more facilities. Whatsapp had come to my use in more faster and convenient way than or in place or combining of email, voice call, test msg. However the addition with updates are making it complicated .
    There are some inherent problems of camera getting clicked, voice recording getting on etc because of the very strategic and delicate placement of the selection buttons or key icons.
    If the neighbour's WiFi is secured by password and not an open WiFi one cannot make use of that. I think now most people are aware of the security issues and keep their WiFi and devices safe. I hope yourWiFi is not open,but secured.

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    Venkiteshwaran sir, many neighbors are very friendly and even relatives share their wifi pass words. As soon as we enter the area, our whatsapp opens and the messages galore starts.
    K Mohan
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    Even this challenging situation would ease

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    It is well said that WhatsApp has become very popular. The main reason is its ease of operation and handling of groups in a remarkably organised way.

    It is not crowded like FB and not a long chart like thing as in twitter. Its unique display of chats has attracted the users worldwide and anyone who starts using it is glued to it.

    For certain things it is very quick and fast and useful in that context. Unfortunately people are mostly using it for good morning and forwarding of messages without seeing their authenticity.

    The data companies are happy as individuals are wasting a lot of data in unnecessary activities in WhatsApp.

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