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    Stamina: Is that related to our body weight, height or our perseverance to achieve something ?

    Every one has good body physique and when it comes to stamina many would fail to maintain. Though they look hefty and strong, they could not lift even small things and seek help of others. On the other hand those who are lean can lift the things easily and also feel light while doing work. What is your opinion about stamina ? Is that something concerned with our body weight , or something concerned with our height, or something concerned with our determination and perseverance to achieve a goal ?
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    Stamina is actually related to physical and mental efficacy or power or energy or endurance or mental or physical toughness of an individual.

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    The word stamina is used for all the things you have mentioned. Stamina is for your physical strength and mental strength also. It gives the level of individual in carrying out the works where your physical energy is required. Also it represents the nature of the individual in standing strong in times of difficulties and problems and solving them without giving anywhere in the middle. People say , his stamina in these circumstances is very high ,if one can withstand high level of mental agony and comes out successfully. High level of perseverance also comes with mental stamina.
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