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    Which is good for health: Fruit juices or the seasonal fruits ?

    We are always concerned with others looks and their fairness and in fact want to know the secret of their growing glowing looks. Some would say that they intake much fruit juices and avoid junk foods which make them look more fair than ever. Some say that they eat much of the seasonal fruits which are available plenty in market. One thing is sure , if you are a regular fruit eater, you feel like full of stomach on eating our favorite fruits. Thus we may be avoiding junk foods and fast foods which are bad for health ?
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    Without any doubt seasonal fruits aree much better than fruit juice. Fruit juice contains chemicals, preservatives, artificial flavours, ice, etc, which may be harmful for health. So, we must take fruits instead of fruit juices.
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    Colour of our skin (fairness) is decided by the genes we carry. Darker coloured skin produces more melanin, which is a skin pigment that protects the skin from the harmful rays of the sun. The incidence of skin cancer is lesser in people of colour.

    Glowing skin should not be confused with the colour of the skin. A person with dark skin colour can also have a healthy, glowing skin. Diet does play a significant part in the way our skin looks, but there are also hereditary factors that we cannot overcome.

    Fruit juices are rich in nutrients, there is no denying that, but they also have a high concentration of sugar, which actually spikes the blood sugar levels. Fruit juices and I refer to fresh juices, lack fibre, a very important component of all fruits. Hence, eating whole seasonal fruits is better than eating juicing them.

    Fibre is not just good for keeping the digestive tract healthy, but it also helps in controlling cholesterol levels - especially soluble fibre.

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    Fruit juices are good for health as they include sugars to give energy, vitamins and minerals to help in growth and resistance. Eating raw fruits is much healthy as they provide rich dietary fibre. Direct drinking of fruit juice may lead to shoot up in blood sugar but eating raw fruit release sugar content slowly. So eating raw fruit is better than drinking fruit juice.

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    Always eating fruits are better than taking a juice from the fruit and drink. As mentioned in earlier posts the fruit contains fibre which is good for health and controlling cholesterol levels, some fruits are to be eaten without taking out the skin. But now a days lot of insecticides and pesticides are being used for a good crop yield. These fruits before we eat should be thoroughly washed with salt water and then with normal water. In fact it is suggested to soak the fruit in salt water for about 30 minutes and the wash thoroughly with hot water and then normal water.
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