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    What is the best use of money?

    People are hectic due to busy work schedule and modern lifestyle. We are experiencing stressful feelings of too much to do but not enough time to do it.
    We can call it as "time famine"
    The only way to overcome this situation is to spend money to create more free time.
    Spending money on obtaining more free time such as paying someone else to fetch groceries or cleaning your house will make you happier than spending money on material purchases
    We spend time to earn money, later we spend that money we earned to buy back time!
    If so, science says it is the best use of money.
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    No doubt money is playing important role in our life. If money can get best satisfaction it is welcome, If money can bring required things at best price, then it is most welcome. If money brings relatives and friends together, it is most welcome. If money brings out total satisfaction by reaching out to the needy it is mostly welcome. But what we find that money is making us selfish, money would bring the attitude of more greedy and selective, and money would make us to save for future and denying ourselves to attend for the needs. One thing is sure, those who have money and wont change can be considered a best person.
    K Mohan
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    Money is required to some extent. It is required to have two times full meal a day to the family, clothes for the family and a shelter to live in. A little more for any exigencies. But people are greedy and trying to accumulate crores of crores in their accounts. What they will do with that ?
    If you use your money for needy and poor, we can say the money is best utilised. If we use money for feeding food to the people with hunger, we can say the money is best utilised. If we pay school fees to the poor child we can feel that our money is utilised usefully.
    What you said is always correct.By giving some work to poor people and paying them money for their livelihood is one way of utilising the money. You are all also getting some extra time to earn. Definitely you will be earning more money than what you are spending. This is a benefit to you and benefit to other party also. A win win situation. Nice proposal.

    always confident

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    In our epics ,it is said money should be divided into four parts .first part should be spend on self living.Second parts should be spend on kith and kin,third parts on them who had taken care of us in past and fourth parts on donating for good causes.It is the best use of money.
    Service to mankind is service to God.

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    Money is an entity about which different people have different opinion. For some it is a thing to meet our basic needs, others prefer it for enjoyment, many think it is thing to share a part of it in charity, some feel it is an evil thing and we must be very careful with it and so on there are many concepts for money.

    Some miser people use it sparingly and keep on accumulating it till it is transferred to their heirs on their death.

    In my opinion if a person utilises his money in an organised way to meet out the expenses on a priority basis and plans it in budgeted fashion it is a good approach for its appropriation to various heads like outing, fun, savings, children's demand etc.

    This way one will have a balanced distribution of money utilization and peace of mind. Impulsive buying and sudden decisions to part away with money are the indicators of bad money management.

    Thoughts exchanged is knowledge gained.

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