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    How to create a clickable link for article

    I have written an article for the contest entry 'The Best Way to' and wish to submit it. I understand that the same should be submitted at the resource section and a clickable link needs to be given in the thread under reference.

    However, being a new member, I don't know how to make the link. I had gone through the help topics also but could not figure it out.

    I shall be really thankful if anyone enlightens me on the matter with suitable examples.
    For example: Take the name of the article as 'How to make Friends'. Where I can simple change the title with the one I shall be using.
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    I had the same query a few days back, this is how you can insert the link.

    *a href=Page Url in double quotes* Article title **/a**

    Wherever I have put * replace it with < and the close it. Because if I will put that in the comment section it will get converted to link.

    I hope this helps you.

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    Here is the screen shot enclosed by me through which you can send the links. In the inverted comas you insert the Url to be sent and in between to open and closed arrows insert the heading.
    K Mohan
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    Even this challenging situation would ease

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    You should use it this way:
    Copy the URL line. Paste it where required. In the following example, the link is -,aspx
    After copy pasting this information, you need to add and make it as below:
    < a href ="" >(The title - I have given the Link of this thread) < /a >

    I have shown a sample. Don't leave any space between < & a. Dont leave any space between < &/. Dont leave any space between a & >. Don't forget to put the quote before http & after aspx

    This should work 100%

    No life without Sun ¤

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    It makes me so happy to see so many helping hands in this site, I am thankful to all of you and appreciate your efforts to teach a layman like me in the best possible ways. When people around you are cooperative and helpful, your journey becomes smooth and enjoyable.

    Sun, a small query.
    In the following line"
    < a href ="" should I give the name of my article at the place of 153427-How-to-create-a-clickable-link-for-article and then end it with ?

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    You can follow this help link of website to know how to create a clickable link:-
    How to create a hyperlink (clickable link) to other pages?

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    No. After copy pasting, you should touch nothing between http......and .....aspx. You should add your title only after "> and before < /a >

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    OK, everybody has provided that. I will try to explain it in an easier way.
    -> Copy the complete URL. URL is the web address of the article or post to which you want to give a clickable link. It is in the address bar of your browser.

    -> Double click on the url in the above mentioned HTML tag. The word URL gets selected. Simply paste the url of the article or post by CTRL + V. DO NOT PRESS THE SPACE BAR or ENTER or ANY OTHER letter or number on the keyboard

    -> Now copy the title of the post to which you want to give a clickable link.

    -> Select the words anchor text (between > & <) and then paste the title of the article or post by CTRL + V.

    DO NOT PRESS THE SPACE BAR or ENTER or ANY OTHER letter or number on the keyboard

    Your link is ready and will be active once you submit the response.

    The only precaution to be taken is not to give extra space or not to add or remove anything from it.

    Hope it suffices!

    When you talk, you are only repeating what you already know. But if you listen, you may learn something new!

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    Thanks everybody. It seems I have got the much needed guidance. If even after this my dull brain fails to grasp the things properly, I shall simply post my resources along with their URL's and hope that they would not be rejected.

    Actually, I had been expecting a message from an editor enquiring whether the matter has been cleared to a newbie like me. It would have been a courteous approach and acted like a great moral booster. However, it's not a complaint but a modest suggestion.

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    Most of them have guided it clearly on your query, as requested, you can consider this message as confirmation from Editor/s as well. You can follow them simply.

    However, there are many types of link (html code) to use here at article section, (which might confuse you since you are a beginner on this).

    The clickable links are based on the condition of the URL. For example, internal link html code is different than external link html code (this site is allowing external link with some condition).

    'No follow' link html code is different than 'Do follow' link for external website link.

    Target link (to open a new webpage 'tab' from clickable link) is slightly different than normal link (which won't open a new webpage 'tab' but within the same page) for internal and external link.

    You can simply use the above given guideline by other members or following the below method to add a clickable link in your article post.

    <a href="" target="_blank">Write Title for your target link/URL</a>
    (this is to open a new "tab" webpage while click on the link).

    <a href="">Write Title for your target link/URL</a>
    (this is to open a new page without a new "tab" on click).

    You just need to replace the bold letters above like and Write Title for your target link/URL with real webpage URL text without space or changes in the first one, and write the Title suitably in the next one.

    For example, as below;

    <a href="" target="_blank">How to create a clickable link for article</a>


    <a href="/forum/153427-How-to-create-a-clickable-link-for-article.aspx" target="_blank">How to create a clickable link for article</a>
    (without upto since it is an internal link (link within the same website, so domain [website URL] not required in URL).

    And, the clickable html link result will be...

    How to create a clickable link for article

    That's it.

    Hafeezur Rahman
    ISC Editor – Jobs

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    Generally , such queries are not attended by the editors. They allow the members to post their responses. Editors award Cash credits to a convincing answer. Sorry , that has not happened in this thread.

    No life without Sun ¤

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