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    Its Saffron all over the India Map and Congress seems to be sulking the Modi overtures.

    Either too there was a notion that Congress party is good at manipulative politics and knows the knack of siding with those parties which has the chance to grab the power. But in case of Bihar CM Nitish Kumar, the Congress party caught napping and Rahul Gandhi could not stop Bihar CM to switch sides with NDA in just some hours. This has once again proved that in politics there are no permanent friends and permanent enemies. But what about voters who trusted the secular face of Nitish Kumar and voted him to power last time ?
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    We have cell number portability. But now the Bihar episode shown that CM position portability. The same cell number but different service provider. Same way same chief minister but support from a different party. Politics has become such a nasty thing and there is no question of good and bad. As you said no one is a permanent friend and no one is permanent enemy in politics. So far to that extent it is OK. But it is beyond that. Downgrading the morals and ethics. In politics nothing is more important than power and position. Really I feel very bad. How BJP has accepted for this coalition is a question mark for me. In election they fought each other. Now they are friends. How people can digest this type of politics. It proves that everybody in this politica are similar.
    Anyhow it is proved that Modi and Amit Shah are more shrewd than Rahul and Sonia. What more we may have to see in coming days we can't predict.

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    At present, there is no other political leader in the entire rank of opposition to contest Narendra Modi in terms of charisma, opularity, vision, mission and activities. These self-serving, short-sighted political leaders cant even compete for No. 2, No. 3 or No.4 ranks. All these ranks will again go to BJP leaders.

    As a result, opposition parties can't even effectively point out the lapses in implementation of policies announced by the ruling coalition.

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    In Indian politics,I think no one (no party) can claim to be 'holier than thou'. Every party has been the beneficiary or facilitator of opportunistic alliances and sides shifting. In this regard Congress is the past master of all these political arts and science. So it will be just the 'sour grape' phenomenon if any party or leader is preaching principles.

    I do not agree with the remark "Saffron all over the India Map". In India no one can get the right prediction about Monsoon and election results. The silent majority is watching and they use their voting power and wisdom properly as right at right moment.

    So the NDA need not gloat over the current situation. They can continue and even better if they do good for the people and nation. However it they also turn to be authoritarian and biased or tend to be corrupt, the people will throw them out also.

    However there is one relief for the last three years of NDA rule. That is there is no allegation of corruption. Nothing has gone bad from the state they took over. There is also signals that they are sincere to make India strong and stable and are putting focused and long term schemes and plans for that. The NDA side does not waste time in rum ours and point scoring, but overall they have ut up a united show under a strong and stable commander.
    They should continue to be better and not fall victims of temporary vote bank politics. People are more interested in development , stability and peace.

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    I really liked Dr Rao's comparison of present Bihar episode with that of mobile portability. Nice.
    K Mohan
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    Even this challenging situation would ease

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    The title of the thread is quite misleading because the question by the author in the content does not match with it. Is it saffron all over India? And are the Congress and its allies actually silent? May be they are not able to match up to the slyness of Modi and Shah Company in the field of political manipulation.

    Nitish has actually cheated the voters of Bihar. I agree that such dirty games are nothing new in politics but one must not overlook the Sakuni (remember that character in Mahabharata?) model game played by the center as an elected government. See the timing of the CBI inquiry into Laloo and family. It would be nice to remember how Modi and team tried to play a similar game in Tamil Nadu after the demise of Dr Jayalalithaa; they did try to catch some fish in the muddy water then but could not make it there as expected. These are all part of the game being played by the BJP to increase their vote bank.

    If Nitish resigned due to the corruption charges his main ally was facing, and was true to his ideology, he should have gone back to the people after resigning. So, his aim was not anti-corruption or anti-Laloo but was clearly a political move to get into the good books of the BJP.

    As for corruption, with the Medical college scam coming up strongly against BJP with the seeds having been already sown in Kerala and the roots being traced to the mainland, we will have to wait and see if the so called clean party is actually clean. And, with Amit Shah all set to make his entry into the Parliament, one cannot guarantee that the present equation will continue to be so within the party. So, it may be saffron in some places but there are still areas that need to be colored and it won't be as easy as expected.

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    It appears that when the disciple outsmarts the teacher, the teacher occassionally feels very angry.

    If we consider the situation from Nitish Kumar's point of view, we will find that after so many skeletons tumbling out from the cupboard of Lalu, it would be extremely embarrassing for him to continue the alliance with RJD. At the same time, like other politicians, he wants to avoid polls and continue as Chief Minister. So, he has taken the expected course of action. He has gone back to his old ally, BJP.

    In this connection, I would like to mention that Rajdeep Sardesai, a top-ranking journalist famous (infamous) for his anti-Modi stance, visited Bihar day before yesterday to interview Nitish Kumar and entire Lalu clan. He has admitted in his blog that people of Bihar have more or less supported the decision of Nitish Kumar. I can give the link of the blog, but I don't prefer. It can be easily Google-searched.

    Non-violence is the greatest Dharma; So too is all righteous violence.

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