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    Can we stop the person who has the suicide tendency as he lost hopes on life ?

    Some times challenging situation in life comes to us one after other and those who have strong will power and guts can only face the life with great determination. But what about those who are very weak and never faced such situations in life. They think that the life is shattered and they are no longer wanted in the world and feel like committing suicide. As ordinary person and well wisher, can we prevail upon and convince and compel him to stop that action. Will that person listen to the advise when he already decided to end the life ? Please do not lock or delete this thread.
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    Suicide is not a coward's act. It requires lot of braveness to commit suicide. No person in general wants to go for that and try to live one by overcoming the difficulties. If you just push a man who don't know how to swim into river also he will try to come out some how but never likes to get killed.
    Basically some people who have some psychological problems only with think of committing suicide. DEfinitely people can stop them from that thinking by giving a proper advice and a helping hand,
    Recently an incident happened in Shamirpet in Hyderabad is very very disturbing. A father cam with his two children with an intention of ending his life. He has thrown the two kids in to the lake. The he also drowned in to the river. Both the kids died. But father as he knows swimming he came out without dying and changing his mind in the lost minute. A very bad, Police are enquiring this.

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    We don't know what fate is awaiting us in future. Very recently I read an interesting news-item in a Bangladeeshi newspaper. A village girl in Bangladesh went to commit suicide in railway track due to poverty and various other reasons. She was saved by a man. Twelve years later, the girl became a doctor and she saved the same old man who had earlier saved her, from a difficult disease.

    So, we must make every possible effort to save such person who is going to commit suicide. Even if physical intervention is required, it should be done to desist the person. Life is very precious and nobody has the right to end it, even if it is his/her own life.

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    But can the person who has decided to commit suicide be persuaded to desist ?
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    If a person has decided for suicide it is very difficult to persuade him to not go for it until unless we find the reason of his drastic decision and give him a remedy for that. Lip sympathy may not work in such cases.

    Why a person takes this extreme step. There are many possibilities - he is torn out by the struggles in life and not getting success anywhere, he failed in love and could not tolerate the dejection, extreme poverty and debt ridden individual and other many situation like that.

    If we can restore any loss as above to him through some agency or counselling sessions it is possible that he may agree to restart his life. It requires a great deal of psychological and behaviourial counselling to treat such people.

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    #604405: Mr. Mohan: I have already stated that if found necessary, we must stop that person from committing suicide even by physical force. Thereafter proper medication and counselling must be given to that person with suicidal tendency.
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    Get them professional help.

    We, parents, siblings, relatives and friends can be well-wishers, but we are not trained to gauge what is going on in another's mind that causes them to be suicidal.

    Professionals, such as psychiatrist can probe and get answers to why a person is suicidal. They can also help such people by listening to them, talking to them – counselling them. There is also medication that helps overcome severe depression. Remember, someone who is suicidal is going through extreme and unexplained mental trauma and depression. Such things happen because the brain fails to release chemicals that balance its activity. (I am explaining this in as simple language as possible). Medication can make the brain function properly.

    Do not leave the suicidal person alone. Get them admitted into a psychiatric ward if necessary, where they can be under observation 24/7.

    Also, try to understand the cause - sometimes the reasons are deep-rooted and stem from something that happened in the past, going way back to the childhood. My suggestion is to provide professional help to the individual.

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