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    Which terrorism is causing more harm to India?

    India has been the victim of different forms of terrorism. Since 1960s, ideological terrorism (Naxalism) has been harming the country. This ideological terrorism has been an is being nurtured by one of our neighbours. Initially this terrorism was active in West Bengal. It was contained. Later in nineties, it was spread to Bihar, Jharkhand, western part of West Bengal, Madhya Pradesh and Chattisgarh. Nowadays it shows its ugly face at Chhatishgarh, Jharkhand and Telengana. People are suffering. Crores of properties are destroyed. Jungles are harmed.

    Although religious fundamentalism existed in the north-eastern states. Later since 1980s, Operation Topac was initiated by another neighbouring country to cause a 'thousand cuts' in Indiia. In 1980s, it was started in Punjab and Jammu & Kashmir. The problem in Punjab has been contained. But religious terrorism has been raising its ugly heads in J&K, Telengana, Kerala, West Beengal and Assam.

    Under this backdrop, I would like to know which terrorism is more harmful for our country? Which should get Government's first attention? Why should we give priority to that particular type of terrorism?

    Members may kindly comment.
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    Yes naxalism has been and is a very big threat to the well being of our country not just on the front of military but also in educational institution. It is like termite which is eating our country from inside and making it hollow -it is a poison inside mind of some intellectuals which come out through guns of villagers in the red corridors of India and still this poisonous thinking is supported and given means to grow in our country by various political parties.
    Every year number of soldiers loss their life for this fight of ideology which in actual terms has lost its meaning.
    And we need to counter this problem through tackling these so called intellectual supporting this ideology and supporting deaths of our soldiers,
    I don't think we can consider and compare any kind of terrorism less or more but as we definitely need to kill this ideology of naxalism which don't care about lives of so many soldiers dying every year. Because of terrorism problem in Kashmir is more of a problem due to another nation but naxalism is a termite which cutting deep marks from inside.

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    I think, Ideology causing more harm to the society.
    I believe, Ideology uprooted and displaced millions of lives all over the world.
    It is strange to believe that over differing ideas people killing each other.
    The ideology, you can call at as Communism, Fascism, Religious fundamentalism etc, can be twisted and warped to fit a greedy power hungry group's agenda. These beliefs can let down entire nation.
    We need to have the basic instinct of moral compassion.

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    One must know why the Naxal moment has been started. In the united Andhra Pradesh earlier , there was amazing of wealth by the forward caste people exploiting the tribal and the land less people as their bonded labor. This has angered a group of people and they started the movement to eliminate those who boss over the poor. In the melee when the police came in between they were also eliminated. When wholesome police personnel are getting killed for no reason, the government took it seriously and started combing operation daily to eliminate Naxals and their movement. As of now there is no Naxal menace in Telangana but there is consistent thread for AP from the Orissa and Chattisgarh border. So inclusive development of rural area and not stealing the rights of adivasis and tribal would pave way for peace.
    K Mohan
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    Even this challenging situation would ease

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    Mr. Mohan: Naxal movement started in a place called Naxalbari in northern part of West Bengal. You are confusing it with 'Tebhaga' movement.
    In this thread, I have asked which terrorism, i.e., Naxalism or religious terrorism, is more dangerous? Which terrorism should be dealt with first by the Government?

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