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    In today's world, smart phones are a necessity and not a luxury- Agree?

    Mobile phone- A completely unique innovation working without wires once revolutionized life of humans. With the advent of smart phones we are now one step ahead in this technology.
    Phones which were once just used to fulfill requirement of long distance conversations and communication has now gained a special and specific value in our life which is very important.

    Once people used to think smart phones are a luxurious item and only normal mobile phones are for the common public and in the early stages these phones were in the reach of only some specific people who were able to afford them. But with advancement in technology prices of these phones also got reduced and now they are in the reach of every common man and has become an important and indispensable part of every man's life.

    To have a smartphone has become a necessity now to keep oneself updated about all the things going around us. Today we don't talk about hard work but focus on smart-work and for that purpose a smart phone is the first thing which help us- from morning reminders for waking up to various office minutes, school projects and even big business deals and meeting etc, they perform every work for us and has made us completely dependent on them. And other than being dependable it provides us various features which makes it very reliable, trustworthy gadget and companion.

    Do you agree?
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    There is no doubt that mobile phone has become a necessity today. Every person rich or poor needs it. Its usefulness is immense and countless advantages.
    Regarding the smartphone it is difficult to say whether it is a necessity because many poor people may not need it as ordinary mobile phone is sufficient for their needs to contact their work place or landlady.
    Many people even do not know to operate the various functions of smart phone.

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    Smart phones have become a necessity for most of the people today. With smart phones, people are able to do all the task easily and whenever required. From paying bills to recharging and internet and mobile banking, smart phones are used widely. Very few people who are not internet savvy use basic phones to make a call otherwise we see smartphones in everyone's hand.

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    I wont agree with the author that smart phones have become necessity but I do agree that every one must have a phone for communication and that need not be smart phone. I have seen many people carry smart phones with them either gifted by some one or purchased by self itself to maintain ego and thus they do not know how to operate and they take the help from others and even seek tutorial as to how to use the smart phone. Still many people in India feel that cell phones are the hindrance to their privacy and private life and they do not even own a ordinary phone and that is the fact.
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    Only very recently (in February, 2017) I have shifted to so-called smart-phone and since then, I have been facing lots of difficulty. As I don't use internet in my phone, I don't feel the necessity of smart-phone. It is for show-off. Even now, most of the cellphone users don''t use smartphones.
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    It depends on the individual requirement whether smartphone is useful/necessary for him or not. I purchase sony Ericsson syber shot 10 years back and still i am using it as standby. I switched to smart phone in 2017 and now owned xiami- redmi note 4. There are some advantaged of having smart phone like if you have to send some photo, picture, documents, scanning and send document. It is very easy to scan by cs scanner and send by mail in pdf/ jpg file. You can use many features such as facebook, whatsapp, twitter, news alert, video song and can store movie to see in leisure. It can pass your time. All there activity can be done on laptop/ desktop but it costly to use them and you can not carry desktop/ laptop everywhere.
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    Majority of people accept your statement.Mow a days smart phone is making our life smart and simple. Not only for communication but also for many activities smart phone is making us to save time. You need not go anywhere. Simply sitting in your house or office you can perform number of activities by smart phone. At one time you can send message to many people. You can check and make payments through your smart phone. You can watch TV and movies also on your smart phone. You can browse internet. You can read my news papers and books. Music and video you can enjoy. Now smart phone is almost replacing your secretary. All the work done by the secretary can be managed by smart phone. So now it is not a luxury but it is a necessity.
    Today morning somebody called me and invited me for a marriage over phone and the invitation card is sent by whats app and I have sent my response and best wishes through whats app. I have sent a small amount using BHIM to the boy asking him to purchase any item he likes as gift from my side with that money. So smart phone saved your money as well as time.

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