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    Is there any language which when seen in the mirror reflects another language script?

    There are more than 500 plus languages in the world. If you write on a paper and see it in the mirror it reflects another form of script. Is there any language which appears as a different language when seen in the reflection in the mirror. Knowledgeable members may please respond to the question.
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    Well the author has raised a tricky question and answering it would not be possible for all. One must know the so called 500 languages of the world and try to figure out which language can reflect the language script of other language when shown in the mirror. What I feel that some languages are written from left to right. Some are written in the format of right to left. Some International languages are written from top to bottom and some languages does not have the lipi at all. All these things make us ponder over the issue and hence arriving at the conclusion that which language has the mirror effect of posing script of other language.
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    First and foremost, I would like to state that in the world, more than 3500 languages (I am not talking about dialects) are spoken. As far as I understand, even if we see the mirror image of any script, we will understand the particular language. There is no scope of confusion by thinking the mirror image a different script.
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    You know what there are scripts like that? But they are used as messages. They aren't essentially a language though. Like spies in ancient times used to write something in a mirror image so the message couldn't be decoded by commoners. And these encoded mirror image messages were written in a less popular language so the information remains secure and is useless to a person ignorant of that language.
    But there is no such language still in record where the words are mirror opposites of each other.
    But sometimes meanings of words can be entirely different in two different languages.
    For an instance "asura" in Sanskrit means demons while in Zend (ancient persian) it means "gods".

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    I have no much knowledge about all the languages of this world to get a matching script that would reflect if shown to the mirror. I know only four languages script viz English, Hindi, Malayalam and Tamil.

    Yesterday, I saw a car plate number written as TN 72 AB/ BOSS. I really wondered to see the word BOSS in the place of a four digit number.. Later I could realise that it is the figure 8055. If this number is shown against a mirror, it would read 2208.

    @ A Fun Puzzle,
    There is a Hindi word if written in a style in the reverse order in the form of a Five digit number without the top line, and shown to a mirror, it would read an animal's name. I leave it to the members to guess and find out the number and the animal concerned. Clue: It is a domestic animal.
    @ If no answer is received from the members, the correct answer will be posted after 10 days.

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    I don't have any idea about the language in question. Can the author tell us which is that language. I know only three languages namely English, Hindi and Telugu. All the three I have seen in the mirror. But I don't see any similarity with any other language I know. The author will help us by telling the name of that language, I hope.
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    There is no such script which looks same in the mirror. However, in Europe some languages use Cyrillic script (Example: Russian, Serbian, Ukranian, Bulgarian, Rumanian, etc.). The Cyrillic script, if looked in a mirror, may sometime look similar to Roman script.
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