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    Why in Pakistan no Prime Minister is allowed to finish their term in office ?

    We all know that Pakistan Prime Minister Nawaz Shariff has to resign due to Panama papers verdict. But my point here to discuss is that no PM of Pakistan in the past too even completed their full term in office. For example Zulfikar Ali Bhutto has served for 3 years, 10 months and 21 days in office. Liyakath Ali Khan has just served 4 years, 2 months and three days in office, Yusuf Raza Ghilani has served for 4 years, 2 months and 25 days and now Nawaz Shariff 4 years, one month and 20 days. Why the PM 's of that country could not complete their term in full ?
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    A very good and interesting observation by the author.

    In Pakistan Military bosses always had a tussle with the Prime Minister for one thing and another and the top persons in Govt are very much indulged in corrupt practices to make quick money from big and international contracts.

    The governance is in a state of shambles and allegations and counter allegations are the order of the day. A sorry state of affairs and needs rectification at various stages.

    As the various Prime Ministers were also party to some group doing all sort of wretched means of making money from public coffers the allegation are pouring in on a regular basis and to show his innocence one has no go except resigning.

    Knowledge is power.

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    Pakistan, a beautiful country of lovely and intelligent people. Pakistani politics is very much intertwined by some major determinants and players. The army, ISI, democratic government, Supreme Court and religious leaders. These institutions in Pakistan are in developing stage. But civil society in Pakistan is very mature and outspoken. This contradicting feature is unique to Pakistan. Every player in this wanted to become an overlord and hence their terms in office is also not stable. Pakistan ISI writes the narrative, army implements it. What's happening is good for Pakistan. It is getting structurally realigned. Pakistan is now a mature country with some less powerful institutions. Pakistan needs to make its institutions powerful to sustain rule of law. ISI is by no doubt one of the finest intelligent agency particularly with human intelligence. But a lot has changed after 1999 coup. Pakistan has now become a responsible power in regional politics. It has clearly drawn its lines. Pakistan is now taking strategic decisions instead of tactical responses. Pakistan is an evolving democracy. It has made steady progress in several sectors. Particularly Pakistan infrastructure in transport is good considering its rugged topography.

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    The point made by Mr. K. Mohan appears to be true in many cases. Many of their Prime Ministers were forced to go out of position before their term expires. This is mainly due to the differences between the Military heads and the ministers. Military heads always take an upper hand in that country. The political leaders are corrupt and even going to the highest position also they will run with a group of people and get undue favors for performing certain actions favoring undeserved people. This will become a sour eye for the people who are not in the position. They will try to go to courts and courts will go as per the facts and figures presented to the. People who are in public life by virtue of their other abilities try to come to power. These people also try to destabilize the people in power
    When the top bosses in government perform such activities which are not as per the law courts has to see them out of power and for these corrupt people there is no way except accepting the court verdict.

    always confident

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    Pakistan is a country where governance is at the lowest ebb and corruption is rampant. There is always a possibility of action by investigating authorities as obvious signatures of dishonest deeds are easily traced by the sleuths.

    Under such a scenario resignation of the top person in Govt is the logical collorary. They are not resigning due to moral values but because there is no other go.

    This has happened there in past and will be continuing to happen till an honest party comes in power.

    Thoughts exchanged is knowledge gained.

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    Pakistan was created over lakhs of corpse. It was created with the curse of crores of people rendered homeless overnight. It was created by the cry of hapless women and children.
    Immediately after the independence, it lost its so-called Quaid-e-Azm Mohammad Ali Jinnah. In another three years, the second most important leader, Liaquat Ali Khan, was assassinated. As a result, democracy and democratic institutions have not been strengthened. Military took over power and it weakened the judiciary.
    So, it is quite natural that the democratic rulers of that country go to jail. Even when the political leaders are the rulers, they play second fiddle to the military.
    We can reasonably and logically surmise that the great Islamic Republic of Greater Punjab (i.e., so-called Pakistan) will be fragmented in four or five parts in another thirty years or so.

    Beware! I question everything and everybody.

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