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    What is the reason behind Moving article in the pending section?

    I have written an article in the India study channel and it shows that the search for the html links do not give direct links from article.
    1. What is the reason behind it?
    2.What are the methods to giving link in the India study channel?
    3.Please give me the reason behind the article is moving to pending section.
    I can't understand that reasons for moving article in the pending section.
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    Articles are sent to 'Pending' sub-section when the Editors, after reviewing the articles, feel that the articles require specific improvement by the respective authors. Specific directions are given to such authors to improve the articles. After improvement/revision, the articles are again reviewed and necessary decision regarding approval is taken.
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    If the article is moved to pending section means, there are some discrepancies which need to be attended like the heading, the content, the summary matching with content and above all for any grammar mistakes.
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    Articles sent to pending section means Editors have given some advises regarding the improvement of your article. You will receive a mail from ISC. If you open the article you will find the comments of the reviewed Editor in red color. In that they will mention what are the actions you have to take in that article. Then you have to make the suggested corrections and resubmit it for their review. Again the Editors will review and take a decision deemed fit.
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