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    Does highly disciplined life affect joy and fun in life?

    Does being highly disciplined affect the level of enjoyment in one's life? Does being disciplined take away the fun and joy from one's life? Is there any correlation between the two? Pour in your views based on your thoughts and experiences.

    Some people are highly disciplined whether it is their personal or family life or social relations or their financial management or their life at their work place. These people neither create nuisance nor like it. They are punctual and expect same from others. Due to their such high level characteristics sometimes they rise in their professional life and become an example among colleagues and friends.

    All said is well but it often happens that these people do not find time or, may be, do not like the fun and frolics which a common man enjoys. Even their families are also not able to enjoy their life to the extent as other common families are enjoying.

    Do you feel that such a correlation exists between high level of discipline and enjoyment? What is your opinion?
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    You won't believe me. I was going to post this. Discipline brings contentment in life. If nothing, you atleast lived by your ideals and morals. Fun is something for an individual to define. I have fun watching series and reading novels.
    But your idea of fun maybe completely different. So it is hard to say if discipline is a hurdle for fun.
    But one cannot enjoy a moment to it's fullest without bringing out his inner child. Discipline is all about constrains and restrains on this "inner child". Hence, without the free will of this inner child, a highly disciplined person may have fun but not be able to enjoy the moment to it's fullest.

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    As far as I am concerned discipline is nothing to do with the enjoyment. You can be a disciplined person at the same time you can enjoy your life also. Even in enjoying our life also we should have some discipline. Be in time to work. Always you should complete your work as planned and agreed. Don't waste your time in gossiping with colleagues. In case of leave inform senior before so that they will plan work in your absence. This discipline is required in the office. But after completing your office you can enjoy with your colleagues and friends.

    Similarly in house also we can have discipline of getting up early, having good food habits, spending useful time with children by seeing them they have good time to read. They play for a limited time in the day. This is what is required. You can have some enjoyment in the life by going out with family once in two weeks or so. You can watch a movie with them and enjoying different places every week on the week end day. This will give you enjoyment.

    So I think a disciplined person can also enjoy his life. But in any case too much is always not good. Either military discipline or care free enjoyment are never acceptable.

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    Yes I agree with the author that some highly disciplined people would refine themselves and also insists others to tow their life style. In one of the marriage there was a mood for the young boys and others to dance to the tune of music played there. But some disciplined relatives who were also invited were watching the marriage from the beginning sitting in the front chairs. Now if the dance sequence is started surely they wont like and even chide the children to stop all those cheap gimmicks in front of others. So the youth preferred to dance outside the hall much to satisfaction of others.
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