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    Is it necessary to submit Aadhaar for mobile number verification - and other smart phone queries

    Wondering if Aadhaar UID number is mandatory for re-verifying your mobile phone number? Learn more and get quick help with other queries answered about smart phones in this thread.

    I would like some general queries answered with regard to my smart phone since I've had it since about a year only and am not much knowledgeable about gadgets generally. A couple of queries I will post in the Ask Expert section, but for small one-line queries would like advice here.

    My first question: I keep getting two messages constantly from my service provider:
    1. "Re-verify your mobile number with Aadhaar Number, otherwise your number will be disconnected."
    - I do have an Aadhaar card. From what I have read in various news reports, there is a court ruling still pending in the Supreme Court about the privacy of an individual being invaded due to making Aadhaar mandatory. Now, would this ruling affect giving the Aadhaar no. for mobile phone verification? Some are saying I must submit by 31st July, others are saying we have time till February, that the service providers are needlessly frightening us!

    2. "You are using an old SIM. Switch to 4G right away."
    - Is this simply a marketing gimmick? Why should I switch to 4G when I am quite content with 3G? I hardly use the phone, other than to send an urgent SMS to a family member or use WhatsApp (that too once in a day). The only browsing I do is to check ISC if the Net connectivity via my laptop is slow. I don't play games, listen to music or watch YouTube videos.

    This very confused old-fashioned girl hopes to get some sensible advice from fellow ISCians! Will have further queries later, as & when they pop up in my mind...
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    Now all the mobile phone service providers are insisting for linking Aadhar to our mobile number. But they will not stop the service. As mentioned by you still there is time and as far as my knowledge goes still a dead line is not finalized. Mean while Supreme court final verdict will come and then as per the verdict we can go ahead.
    Regarding 4G and 3G. It differs only in speed. For normal phone use it is of same use. Only when you browse the internet the speed may differ. So you can use 3G SIM as well. It makes no difference. But the service providers will always do this kind of propaganda as a part of their marketing gimmick only.

    Revently I have changed my SIM from 3G to 4G. I am not feeling any difference.

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    Why not contact the Customer Care unit of your service provider and get an answer from them. They will be the best people to advise you on the Aadhar linkage.

    Switching to the 4G network would be in your interest. Service providers are known to courier a new 4G SIM to the registered mailing address, free of cost, whenever they upgrade the system. I have received free SIM cards from my service provider, on two occasions. A call to the Customer Care unit might resolve this issue too. Call and ask if they will deliver the SIM to your mailing address.

    Your 3G SIM might stop working once the system is overhauled at your service provider's end. The frequency bands of your service provider might stop supporting 3G networks.

    It does not matter how frequently you use the network or for what purpose – what counts is the service your service provider is offering and whether the SIM you have is compatible with the 4G network of the service provider.

    My advice is that you to switch to 4G.

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    As I am also not very technology-savvy, I generally don't act according to the 'free advice' which I receive through SMS. If I think a message is important, I get it verified from the concerned authority by sending an e-mail. So far as AADHAR card details for verifying your mobile number, you may send a written e-mail seeking written clarification from the service provider (i.e. Airtel, Vodafone, BSNL, MTNL, etc.).

    So far as other issue mentioned in this thread ( conversion from 3G to 4G), simply don't bother. It is your choice and your decision.

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    Every year the service providers are asked to verify the details and antecedents of every connection and thus the mobile operators insists us to prove the identity. Now that Aadhaar has become the basic and important document, linking with the same the mobile number has become mandatory. There are people who are are using sims given by others and they may miss use the sim and thus the original owner of the sim would trapped in the event of wrong doings. So it is better to sync the Aadhaar number with your mobile and rest assured that we are safe and secure in the eyes of law.
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    Notification messages are sometimes just promotions, and sometimes quite useful information also.

    1. In your case, the first message is about a matter which is current. However I have received such message from only one operator whereas in our home we use service of three different operators. What I have gathered from my interaction with my friends is that mobile phone connections are to be verified and linked with Aadhaar. For example Jio has already used this method for activation. All operators and users have to fall in line. As things stand now, there is no urgency. The deadline is somewhere in 2018. However many of my friends have already complied with the same after receiving notification alerts from there service providers. I am one who does not rush in such matters. Hence I am waiting for things to become clear.

    2. The second message you received is purely a promotional-marketing trick. The choice is with you to reject or try and comply. However as you have recently only purchased your first smart phone, it is better for you try and experiment with the present phone. If your handset is not 4G compatible then buying 4G SIM will be waste for the time being.

    I am also cautiously conservative in these matters. I use my smartphone for the basic needs of voice cal, test SMS,and whatsapp mostly. In our home we are also using an entry level 3G phone which I bought about nearly three years ago. Another one is slightly next level with a bit more capacity which is two years old. Very recently I bought a 4G compatible handset for my son, but he is still using the earlier 3G SIM. For internet he is using the 4G JioFi device purchased earlier due to compelling necessity (about which I raised a question in Ask experts section).

    So my view is that you continue with your present phone and SIM for some more time and upgrade as per your needs or when the current facility gets discontinued.

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