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    Should we continue using air-conditioner in this weather?

    Nowadays we have got respite from extreme hot weather. The Delhi sky remains cloudy. We witness occasional rain (although the rain can't be compared with the rainfall in Meghalaya, Assam or West Bengal). Although the temeperature has come down considerably, there is humidity. In Delhi, I have been witnessing that during the last ten years, humidity has increased considerably.

    Due to humidity, people still use air-conditioners in their home. But I have noticed that nowadays people/neighbours in our locality has been suffeering from cough & cold, fllu, fever, joint pain and other minor ailments.

    Are these ailments because of using air-conditioners? Should we continue using air-conditioners in this rainy season? What do the Members opine?
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    Humidity is unbearable. At least, I find sultry weather worse than hot sunny days. Humidity makes you perspire more, which means you end up losing a lot of water and salts. If they are not replenished, the loss can cause severe dehydration.

    Coming to your question - I do not think air conditioning causes health issues as long as the filters are kept clean. I prefer to use the AC when the weather is humid.

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    In humid weather if one can afford AC is required. The problem with AC is if you are habitual of this gadget it is difficult to manage without it even a moderately hot time.

    Practically I feel one can use the air of a fan pleasantly in the rainy season and one can manage without AC.

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    Even though the rains are coming, the weather is not normal. Either rain or very hot. So we are feeling very uncomfortable. The wide variation in atmosphere is causing all these health problems to many. Even in Hyderabad many people are suffering from fever and other problems. Many times in Hyderabad the humidity is not very high. But sudden and frequent changes in the atmosphere is very bad for health.
    ACs are not used by us in this season. but my sons are having these problems. Using AC or not using it may not make any difference. If you feel like having AC you can have it.
    Humidity is a real problem. If humidity is very less it will make the skin dry and itching sensation starts and skin will get spoiled. Always we have to use moisturizers to keep the skin soft.

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    What I have invariably observed that those who are habituated to the Air conditioned living, they cannot adjust nor cope up without the AC. In the home even when the climate is changed , the prefer to run AC and cover their body with think blankets for that matter. Even while going out they would prefer air condition in the car and after reaching office also they insist for air conditioned room. So what we gauge from this behavior that some people wont mind spending huge on electric bill but they always want air condition to work daily even in changed climate.
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    In my chamber in the Office, there is no window. Throughout the day I can''t see the sunlight. And nobody can sit in the room without air-conditioner even for ten minutes because of suffocating feeling. The condition is same during winter. Moreover, the architect and designer of the building, a coffee-loving South Indian, have used coffee-coloured wood in my room (and other rooms) creating a sense of darkness even in hot summer noon.
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    Sitting in an a/c room or house is comfortable as far as that individual is concerned. By adjusting the regulator of a/c temperature can be regulated based on the outside temperature.
    While fitting a/c we very often forget that there is an exhaust attached to it, through which hot air is sent out to the atmosphere. This adds to the temperature level of the neighbourhneighbourhood. So the neighbouring house with out an a/c suffers with high temperature. This I am quoting from my own experience. My neighbouring compound is occupied by an Engineering college. Tha computer lab of the college is closeby to the compound wall dividing the two compounds. When the lab is working all the a/c systems will be on. It adversely affect us, with hot air emitting from those exhausts.

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