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    With no debts, no enmity and with no disease if one lives means is the greatest wealthy person.

    We normally weigh a person with their knowledge, their wisdom and of course with the wealth they posses. What is the use of those wealth when a person owes money to others and he wont return back to them. What is the use of those wealth when a person has more enmity than friends and well wishers around him. What is the use of wealth one has many number of diseases and cannot lead a happy life. All these points out one fact that if a person is free from debts, no enmity with others and no diseases, surely he is the rich and wealthiest person in the world.
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    Very correct. A person who is not having any loans to repay is very rare in the world. A person who is earning good amount monthly will go for big buys in installment scheme or through bank loan. Till loan is cleared he has to work.
    In the present day life many people won't like to have enemies. If they like they may go for friendship otherwise they will keep quiet But unknowingly we may be making some enemies Coming to. health these days many people have some or other health problem. I don't find any person without taking a medicine sometime or other.
    If we don't have any loans other than bank loans where the interest rates are very high, we don't have any big enemies we will make you to suffer and if we have no serious illness where we can't perform our daily activities, that itself is a great lucky person. You can also call him a very health person. We found very rarely persons who are
    having all the three items mentioned.
    Mainly high feel a man who is not having any critical disease he is a healthy man. A man who don't have any debts, he is the richest person and a man who don't have any enemies is the luckiest person. If one is having none of the three he can be considered as lucky person.

    always confident

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    I shall give priority to 'no disease'. One is really lucky and blessed if he has good health and free from any disease. One need not worry about debt if the debt was incurred for a right purpose, has properly planned its repayment,has the capacity and ability to repay full liability and repays it as per schedule. Enmity should not be caused from our side. But if it is thrust beyond our control, one has to find ways to remove that enmity.

    However theoretically, if one does not have debts, not have enemies and no disease then he is really lucky and blessed.

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    If a person can achieve 'no disease' state I think it is the utmost achievement.

    Their are people trying to keep their health fit by various measures. Going for long morning walks in parks far from main roads to get cleaner air, regular exercises in zym, yoga and meditation, consuming natural and organic foods as far as possible and avoid outside food and water. These people are highly health concious and observe their weight regularly and control their diet accordingly.

    In return some of these people, not all, gain a good and sound health which is the biggest thing in life. Some unfortunate ones do not achieve such glorious results and curse their luck.

    The health is such a crucial factor in life that if you do not have a good health everything else is of no use as immense wealth is also not able to bring back the elixir in life. Money can only help in arranging good medical care, providing medicines and managing the ill person to prolong for some time say a few years. In later ages a unhealthy person leads a highly dissatisfied life inspite of all materialistic facilities.

    Knowledge is power.

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