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    Does secularism take a backseat in politics thanks to corrupt and partisan politicians?

    Secularism has been included in the Preamble of the Constitution by 42nd Amendment in 1976. Later most the of issues changed by this Amendment were again brought back to the original Constitutional provision by 46th Amendment, but this particular point remained unchanged.

    Since then, many political leaders have played secularism card without doing anything for the minorities. These political leaders choose a very small section of the minorities (usually religious heads of various sects), appease them with various facilities and ensure votes from the minority communities without doing anything for the communities on the whole. These political leaders amass wealth by coming to power with the help of the minority vote banks. This has been the general trend of Indian politics for the last thirty years or so.

    But of late, people have been calling the bluff of these corrupt political leaders. They are no longer voting these corrupt political leaders. The minority communities have also understood the game-plan of these leaders. The recent election in Uttar Pradesh (especially the areas where minorities are the majority, like Deoband) and the change of Government in Bihar and the public support to this undoubtedly prove the point.

    Thanks to these corrupt politicians, the hollow slogan of secularism has taken a backseat in Indian politics.
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    Secularism has become an ornamental word in our Constitution. None of the political parties are giving any importance to this while in power. Not only that even the selection of candidates are done forgetting this principle of secularism.
    Once in power partisan attitudes can be seen while announcing concessions. A democratic set up has a meaning only if the concept of secularism is followed throughout.

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    Yes, I agree with Mr. Sankaran. Most of the so-called secular parties are paying lip-service to this idea. Worse, they are resorting to appeasement of very few people among minorities in the name of secularism.
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    BJP went for elections in UP excluding candidates from one community. Through this many people are seeing special harmony among communities in BJP regime. On one hand you are saying UPA is showing appeasement for minor community. Showing this indifference by BJP what -ism you call ? Do you call the political tactics of Amit Sha? Do you think Amit Sha is selecting BJP candidates without community calculations?

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    Can we ensure welfare of a particular community if a candidate is selected from that community, even if the particularcandidate is iliterate, corrupt and from criminal background? SP, BSP and other parties got many candidates elected from those communities; then why hasn't the condition of those communities changed so far?
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    Yes the author has raked up the right issue at the right time. Time again in the name of secularism some political parties appease a particular community and degrade the majority community. Just by having the attire of a particular community for the camera pose and making some promises in the election manifesto does not give the clean chit to those parties which are towing the idea of secularism ever since Independence but done nothing. By the way when some parties side with minorities and brand themselves as the secular parties, then what is the wrong with a particular party which openly supports the majority community and works for it. One thing is sure now the parties have to change their stand. Lots of awareness has come in the mind of minorities and they are no more in the mood of being sidelined or deceived with so called secular attitude.

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    The word Secularism is a tool for the politicians to win vote. It is not for the welfare of anyone but for only vote banking. This word is used as a triumph card by parties to get their votes which will give them an edge to win. These politicians use this secularism word and make many promises for them during election campaign and once they come into power what they use God only knows. This has become a common point for many parties. I feel only one party is trying to do good justice to minorities as well as majority people only. I feel this should be the correct way to treat all equally. Slowly minority is becoming majority by increasing their population but still enjoying the advantages of minorities. I think slowly people will understand the political leaders attitude and also understand who is doing really good for them.
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