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    Why some people use fan in full speed ?

    I have experienced very often the fan as a disturbing factor. This become disturbing when it is put in maximum speed. In my home I experience that the fan used by my grand child in maximum speed. Very often I leave my seat and go to other room. Even it is raining she wants fan on. I do not switch on fan when it is raining. Even in summer I put fan mildly.
    I notice that there are these two types of people around. Why the difference, is it the variations in body tolerances of temperature ? Or some hormonal difference?
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    Good question asked by the author. There are reasons for operating a fan at full speed. It is said that a fan must function at high speed that is at the five point given in the regulator , then only it will give equitable air and also function without any repair in future. If the fan is put to minimum speed say at 2 ot 3 poits of the regulator, there are every chance of the regulator getting heated up and burnt. Also please note that the current consumption charges would be same whether you use at slow speed or the high speed. And invariably I found that slow run fans go out of order sooner or later.
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    Some people are affected by higher temperatures more than others and whether it is fan or AC they want it in high ranges for deriving maximum cooling sensation.

    On the contrary there are people who shy away from AC and like or enjoy fan in low speeds. It is probably related to sensitivity to weather by different persons.

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    Mr. Sankaran,
    There are different types of fans. Some might provide good air at lower speed. Some may not provide the required air at lower speed. Hence, the fan is put on a higher speed. Most of the children born in AC environment prefer to have fans rotating at full speed. Children feel the absence of air, even while sleeping.

    I and my good lady prefer to have a fan rotating at low speed while my daughter and son born in a/c room prefer to have the fans rotating at full speed even during winter. While they were young and sleeping on one bed, I used to get up and reduce the speed of the fan, but within few minutes, I used to find my son/daughter getting up to have the fan at higher speed. If asked, they would say - Dad, please go and sleep elsewhere.

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    Mr. Sankaran: My wife is also like you. She can't tolerate fan at top speed, even during the peak of summer. There may be various reasons behind this. some people can't tolerate the sound of old electric fans. In some cases, I have seen that this is due to thyroid problem. However, this probllem is common for many. Don't worry much on this matter.
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    May be due to faulty regulator.
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    Happy that some reactions have come through. But the answers refer to the mechanical properties of fan and it's regulator. The electronic regulators available in the market have the property that if speed is reduced, power consumption also will be less.
    However, my query refers to the impact of high speed on certain people. Why some go for high speed when the atmosphere is cool enough.

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    I feel this depends on the body of the individual. I can't sit without fan running at full speed where as my wife wants only moderate speed. If the fan is running at full speed she feels very cold. I can't withstand the heat unless otherwise I had full breeze, I prefer Ac on and fan at full speed in summer. Even other days also there is no day I sleep without fan.
    I don't have much knowledge about the fan longevity and current consumption etc. but I attribute this nature to the nature of body of the individual only.

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    Sankaran sir, I believe you are using your fan in low speed very often as my father do. My father never use the fan and if the fan is running in high speed he made it slow by the regulator. We used to fight with him jovially to go to next room where there is no fan at all. We used to tell our father that in olden days the fan in the railway station Master room running only in very slow speed, likewise you are asking. By hearing this he laugh in high tone and go to the next room. Many people use the fan nowadays with high speed only. Moreover the hot in Tamilnadu is high and high so, we need fan in high speed only.

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