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    Which one is your favorite?

    From my previous post about smart phones being a necessity now I know that most of the members here in ISC use smart phones and they also think that these have become a necessity.
    So it made curious about how these smart phones are useful to all of us and for knowing that I am typing few question here please answer to these questions-
    which is your favorite mobile app?
    and why?
    has it made your life any simpler?
    Some of my favorite apps are - gradeup, mathsapp, mathstricks e.t.c
    these apps help me to get good insight to all the current affairs going, questions and short tricks to solve them. It made my life simpler because now I don't need to carry big books everywhere and I can do whichever questions I want to do whenever I want.
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    I know you're a reader and I'm one too. So kindle has to be one of my favorites. I like Paytm.
    Because it's real time applications are so many. You can pay for so many things at once. Moreover it's easy to use and has multiple modes of payment.
    Then there are streaming apps. I love amazon prime because of the international collection it has.
    That concludes entertainment and applications apps.
    Then there are gaming apps. There are various multiplayer games nowadays in stores. Again, there are apps used to create your own documents- the office apps. I prefer WPS office app to other office apps. The features are so very good. We can view every kind of document and also create them.
    So, these are my favorites I guess. I own an android phone so these are my answers.

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    I have installed whatsapp, Daily Hunt for news, WPS Ofice for reading certain documents that come in whatsapp, plus all those that came with the phone pre-installed .Many of them I never use and have kept disabled.Then I have the ccleaner.

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    There are many apps which are useful for us in different areas. I have BHIM app. This is very useful for money transactions. Similarly I have facebook app and whats app for fun and time pass. I have bank app for other transactions. I have an app for news papers. I don'i play games on cell hence I don't use those apps.
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    I mostly play my tom games I like it . In that apps lot of games but I play rocket game if I want to pass some time. I mostly use facebook and whatsup . If still i have time then use youtube to watch videos.
    Santosh Kumar Singh
    (Sr. Microsoft Dynamics Axapta Technical,Mumbai)

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