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    The definition of art.

    What does art mean? Each individual has a different answer for it. "Art" in old English meant "are".
    So what you are is your art. Are you are a painter? Carpenter? Dancer? Sculptor?
    So art basically is a definition of who you're. That means everyone possesses some form of art.

    Then what differentiates art from talent. Talent in any art form is a stage that you can show to people. Talent of a person is his own. Yes, there are many artists in the world but not all are talented. Talent of a person symbolizes his uniqueness, his specialty.

    So, which art form is the most beautiful according to you?
    To me, it's cooking followed by magic. Cooking because, it's the ultimate form of art, where beauty becomes utility. It's delicious to tongue, eyes, nose and skin. A tasty bite fills your heart and stomach alike. A perfect dish is nothing less than a magician's splendid act , isn't it?

    Hence, cooking is the ultimate form of art for me, above all art forms. Magic too, is a mixture of various other art forms like comedy, sleight of hand, photography, seduction, persuasion, acting, occasional dancing and singing too. It instigates the idea that miracles exist. It continuously defy what you know and challenges your sanity in every act.

    Hence, for me cooking and magic are the most superior art forms.
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    For me music is the best form of art especially rock music. When I listen to a guitar solo, it makes me feel happy from the inside. On seeing a concert, it feels even better. I am amazed by how fast the guitarist moves his fingers around the guitar. The passion that they have towards their music is a treat to watch. Then there is the beautiful sound of piano. It's so soothing and comforting. Just close your eyes and feel the music hitting your ears. To add on, there is drum set which along with the guitar sound make you head bang every time you listen to it.
    So for me rock music is the most superior art form.

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    There is no definition of art. To me art means creation of something beautiful, heart-touching and enjoying the beauty. As I have varied interests, I enjoy many forms of arts. I enjoy reading story books, listening to songs, enjoying classical dance, enjoying foods (mainly Bengali and of other states), watching select movies, visiting jungles, hills, sea and desert. Sometime I enjoy change of light in the sky during morning and evening. I consider this an art created by the Almighty.
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    For me Music is the best art. Especially the classical music is the best art.
    When we have some problem and we are not able solve the problem, without thinking about the problem, and start listening to music by a famous artist will give you peace of my mind and you will forget about the problem. If you go on listening for some time the solution for your problem will automatically flash in your mind. This is the speciality of the music. A weeping child will stop weeping if good music touches his ears. An animal also dance according to the music. Even a snake will also be very happy with the music. So it is the best art in my opinion.

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    Art is a channel in which the creativity of a person is reflected. It can be in various distinct forms and varieties.

    Different people have different ways of expressing theirselves and accordingly different forms of art are generated.

    A writer expresses his feelings in form of a prose while a poet does it in form of a poem. An artist can be mediocre or talented depending on the perfection in his creation.

    The artist works with dedication and from his heart to make his creation lively and effective.
    Example of monalisa painting by Leonardo da Vinci is well known in the world and famous for the smile of the lady in the painting.

    Anyway coming to myself I have interest in creative writing and music. These are the two main art forms for me.

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    What I feel that those who are perfect in their own way in some form or other is best according to them and they consider that as a art. Some are really good at decorating the homes, some are really good at keeping the things in order and neat, some are good at drawing something just like that, some are well versed in cooking, some are well versed in talking sense to others and some are good orators and they can give speech for hours together on any topic. All these are the individual quality which cannot be copied or aped. So who ever has some quality the can fully rely on that and forge ahead.
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    I consider art as a very special thing in life. This is the medium in which people represent their feelings and emotions in a creative way.
    The artist can create life out of a stone, he can make paintings speak and his poems can inspire us. Art is the most powerful medium of expression.

    Without art our life will be feeling less and emotion less.
    Though I am Interested in many art forms but mainly my passion is for painting and writing.

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    For me everything which can be performed on stage with dramatic twist and surprises is art whether its dance, music, magic e.t.c which I enjoy watching and want to do all those things but I am well aware that I am not that talented in that genre but these forms are delight to my ears and eyes.
    And sometimes I feel cooking is best arts especially when I learn to cook something from watching videos on YouTube and its taste gets perfect but even if it is not perfect I can improvise it in my ways though my ways doesn't look so beautiful but they tastes good.

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