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    What is limit of non veg?

    What is limit of non veg? Means its limited to fish,mutton, beef or it may be beyond that there no limit that what ever things people can eat.

    Some where we listen that some country started to eat men's meat also. Is that true that limit of nonveg will increase day by day.
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    The thread-title is confusing. The author wants to ask which meat can be taken as food. The answer varies from country to country, culture to culture. In India, many tribes take the meat of snake, which is, in actuality, a very good cold meat. The head of the snake is cut out, and the meat is taken. There is no fear of poison because the poison of the snake remains at the teeth. Santhals and other tribal people eat rat. I have taken porcupine in forest area. The meat is delcious. The pork is not taken in middle-eastern countries, but is enjoyed in Europe and America. Dog-meat is taken in Korea. Japanese take octopus and squid. Many people in Mongolia take horse-meat. Africans take the meat of wild beest. The examples are countless.

    Take the meat as meat, not as an animal.

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    The food habits of people varies from region to region, country to country. continent to continent.
    In China there is no animal which is not useful for eating. Even insects fry they eat. They keep living animals in aquariums in hotels and we can choose whatever we want. They will cook and give you.
    In India there is a set of people who fry the living pig after removing the skin and eat.
    So it may be true somewhere in the world man eaters may exist.
    So there are no limits for non veg also. It is your interest and liking.

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    Title is clear to understand. I want to know non-veg limit for people in the world nothing else. Like it should be limited to Beef or its beyond that. You both defined it well. There is no limit to eat but overall its bad i think killing and eating is always bad and painful.
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    People eat the meat of creatures that are locally available and what their religion permits.

    Camel meat is eaten in many countries in the South West Asia region. Locusts, grasshoppers and other insects are a delicacy in countries in the South East Asia region.

    My daughter ate snails and frogs legs in France - they are considered gourmet food.

    Srinivasa Rao mentioned aquariums in restaurants – this is to ensure that the catch is fresh. A few high-end restaurants in India let their customers select lobsters and crabs they want to be cooked.

    Cannibalism which is eating human flesh is not accepted in civilised societies. However, cannibalism might be/is practised among certain tribes and/or cults. It is believed that the Sentinel tribe on the Andaman and Nicobar Island might be cannibals; this is why areas inhabited by these tribes are out of bounds.

    I think people should not be judged based on their eating habits. Whether someone eats goat meat or a cockroach – it is their choice.

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    The limit is this - We can eat anything that doesn't bite us back while we eat. We had been eating meat since the time earth was created by the God (Even God too eats non-veg food). There is no limit to Non vegetarian.
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    The food habits of people especially the non vegetarian food eating public varies from country to country as per the available food. In India people are fond of goat, fish, crab , pig and camel meat or mutton. When you go to China and countries abetting it, they eat snakes and other sea animals. So no where I came across the fact that even human flesh is eaten. May be some cannibals living as tribes in remote areas of the world may be doing so. While other meat or mutton are consumed and even it wont be noticed by others , I fear eating the flesh of human may amount to lots of foul smell and nauseating experience too.
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    No limit.
    United Nation has suggested that eating insects could help solve world food shortages.
    The report says: "insects are everywhere and they reproduce very quickly and they have high growth and feed conversion rates and a low environmental footprint. The use of insects on large scale as a feed ingredient is technically feasible and established companies in various parts of the world are already leading the way." Eating more insects could help fight world hunger
    (Source:-BBC News)

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