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    Do you agree or disagree-Railway food is unfit for human consumption (CAG Report)

    Comptroller and Auditor General audit report to be tabled in Parliament says the food supplied in Railways is unfit for human consumption. It reported contaminated foodstuff, food prepared in unhygienic conditions, food stuffs were not covered, recycled foodstuff, unpurified water from taps were used to prepare beverages, packaged and bottled food items past their shelf life and unauthorized brands of water bottles with more cost were offered for sale at stations. I found the veg Biryani supplied in trains is less in quantity and the onion chutney supplied for it is simply water. If we mix it with Biryani we cannot even eat Biryani. But the cost price is high. Members post your experiences related to Railway food stuff during your travel?
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    Yes, I agree. However, as a regular passenger of long-distance trains, I know that the situation has been deteriorating over the last fifteen years. This is the direct consequence of rampant corruption and not increasing the train fare for a very long time. Then why is so much hue and cry now when the present Government is trying to improve the condition?
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    Railway Transport system is a Public transport system which has to serve a very large masses of people. People from various strata from very poor to rich will use this public transport system. Railways are loosing large income due to large number of people are traveling in them ticket less especially in Nort India. So Railways have to curb this ticket less traveling through strict vigilance to increase their income.

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    Yes I agree that the Railway food which is supplied is not only costly but also of low quality with nil taste. We the people of South when ever happen to visit Chennai or Bengaluru which is 12 to 14 hours journey would prefer to pack the house hold menu prepared for the dinner and take the same along with the journey and wont depend on the food supplied inside the train. For that matter even the food supplied in good stations are also of low quality and wont taste good. The so called restaurants inside the Chennai Central is also not good. It is better to eat outside the station once reached destination.
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    Today, I went to a death house to attend and lately I returned home as it took time for lunch, I phoned to nearby food supplier for home delivery of foods. As it is sunday and the time is getting late the attending person on the otherside felt very bad for the inability. similarly we are expecting a good food serviced in the trains and railway stations. But of late, the food served in the trains rather than the stations are very poor in quality and in some places they are supplied with dead insects. In one Tamil cinema, a comedy actor, running a hotel , asked by a customer for a dead fly in the tea. He replied him that everybody accepting dead fish in fish kuzhambu, dead goat in mutton kuruma, dead chicken in chicken 65 etc., but what for you are crying and shouting for a fly in tea.similarly I believe they are expecting from us to eat the supplied by removing the dead lizard.Moreover it is not tolerable one when a vendor is selling both veg biriyani and egg biriyani by keeping both in a same plate. The canteen is also preparing dosa, cutlet, omlettte in same hot plate. Many times I wrote this to the railway department but they just ignore my letter and continuing as they do. I including all my relatives stop consuming any food items in the train suppliers and even we ignore coffee and tea as they are just hot water with tea/coffee flavor. This is injust and amounts cheating as many people believes the train food with best in quality.

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    I agree with the CAG report with my personal experience.
    I am sure that Railways have definite guidelines for floating tenders for food supply and distribution on running trains.
    The criteria for shortlisting vendors for supply and delivery of food are to be reviewed and to be made stringent.
    Many fast/slow food chain companies such as KFC, Mc Donald's, Subway, Sarvana Bhavan,Nirula's etc are to be attracted/called for supply food and beverages in running trains. We have a wide variety of traditional foods and people are ready to pay for quality food, I believe
    What you think?

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    It is a fact that food available in rails is of very inferior quality. Sometimes I feel we are inviting diseases by consuming the food in rails. Long back I stopped purchasing food packets in rails. Generally we carry even water also from or house. We don't have confidence even in bottled water.
    Government has to act and take a strict stand on this issue. Already the costs are very high. But passengers won't mind paying some more but quality of the food should be improved. Many people in north may be travelling without ticket. This problem is to be dealt separately. but that should not be a reason for supplying bad food. Food should be of good quality and nutrious.

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